How to Manifest Your Dreams Using Magic Drawings

Do you want to manifest your dreams with magic drawings?

Yes, it can be done.

Using magic drawings isn’t the whole picture, but it’s a tool which can help you unlock your potential for success and manifest what you want to see happen in your life.

You may need to have patience and some time to get to trust the process, but once you’re in, you won’t look back.

Because it’s a bit like holding a magic wand, only other people can’t see it. Only you can.

And the other thing is, you can’t just wave the wand and be rich for example, because the wand also obeys laws of the universe.

In order to manifest change in your life, you first need to build up confidence. You have to know how to stay grounded while manifesting and feel it in your core.

And like most changes, your mind has to switch track before the outer reflection can shine it back at you.

(One way to start off is to use a technique to begin to manifest on a daily basis.)

And this is another way to manifest your own destiny, by using magic drawings. But magic drawing is a part of the puzzle, so keep on building up your tool kit.

And don’t forget, if your manifesting isn’t working, there are always ways you can become stronger in your manifesting to get more success.


Never stop moving forward.

Alongside manifesting, mindfulness meditation is another powerful tool, and even if at first you don’t understand mindfulness, or you question whether it works, you can still feel the rewards from practising it regularly.

Can You Manifest By Drawing?

Yes, you can.

You can manifest the life that you dream of, step by step and without fail.

But it isn’t just the drawing that attracts your future life to you. Magic drawings are just part of the deal. Just like you can build a house with bricks, but not only with bricks. If you take away all the other components, you won’t actually have a house.

Using drawings to manifest is a perfect way to connect with your inner intentions. But manifesting works through energy, so a drawing is only as powerful as the energy which goes into it.

The magic drawing is an accelerator, based on your own intention and energy and vibrations.

You can make a magic drawing even if you haven’t got the positive energy yet. Oh yeah baby, of course you can.

And the drawing will still work away, quietly in the background.

We’re all creating our reality all the time.

What you see around you has already been manifested, and we’ve all used this natural process, we just aren’t always aware of it.

So whether you’re a seasoned master of manifesting or whether you’re just starting to experiment with your powers of creation, magic drawings are a dynamic tool.

They will help you manifest the life of your dreams into (what we perceive to be) reality.

How to Prepare Your Magic Drawing

  • Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes.
  • Focus on your breath and quietly still your busy-mind thoughts.
  • In your mind’s eye, visualise how you would like your life to be or what you would like to see manifested.
  • Feel the sensation of having that thing in your life, as though it were already real and true.
  • What is it you seek? Define it and see it in all its detail within your mind.
  • As you watch the movie of your desired outcome(s) feel it resonate within your chest area and solar plexus.
  • Connect the mental images with your energy body as you sit quietly.
  • Do this on several different occasions until you can feel your desired outcomes resonate within your solar plexus area just by thinking about them.
  • Next, take a sketchpad and draw the things you want to see manifest.
  • The drawing can be complex or simple as long as it represents the things you seek, and that as you draw it, you focus on the feeling behind those things.
  • Put the magic drawing away in a drawer somewhere and take it out to look at it whenever you feel like it. Or leave it be; it doesn’t matter. The important thing is how you feel about that drawing. It’s all about the energy.
  • Treat is as though you’ve put in an order from the universe but don’t link it with a time frame.
  • Putting a time frame on it will most probably have the opposite effect and block it completely.
  • Feel joy whenever you think about those things you’ve drawn.
  • Know that they are on their way to you.

How to Make the Actual Magic Drawing to Manifest Your Dreams

Think about the things you want to see coming into your life. Imagine them in your inner mind and see them playing out on your inner movie screen.

As you picture them, try to connect with your energy body and feel them resonate within your solar plexus. If you can’t feel the connection, don’t give up, still do the drawings.

Take out a lovely big piece of paper, or buy a sketchbook, especially for your magic drawings if you think you will repeat the exercise more than once. I have a sketchbook which I use just for this.

You don’t have to think about the artistic quality of the drawing. Just put your dream onto paper and do it in your own style, with stick people or proper drawings, however you prefer.

I just use stick people and outlines.

For everything you want to see manifested, do a drawing to represent it.

So if you want a new house, or if you need extra finance to pay your mortgage, draw the house!

If you’re searching for a new job, for example, you can draw anything representational of that. An office, or a desk for example.

For a job as a vet, draw a bunch of animals and a stethoscope.

Seeking someone to come into your life? Then draw a stick person to represent that person.

Add a few love hearts to your drawing if it’s a love match you’re looking for!

You get the idea!

Manifest your dreams with magic drawings - drawing of a small house
Draw your home and let it become manifested

Once you’ve finished the drawing, put it away in a draw. Remember it with quiet confidence when you think about it but don’t focus on it with any kind of expectation.

Let it be. Put it away and forget about it. But don’t completely forget about it.

Treat it the same as you would think about something you’ve ordered from Amazon: once you’ve made the order, you set it aside from your mind because you’re task is done; you forget about it, but you still know it’s on its way.

From that point forward, as you think about your desired outcome, connect with your solar plexus so that your emotions and energy are active with every thought.

How Can Magic Drawings Help to Manifest Dreams?

By drawing what you want to see come into your life, you’re sending a compelling message to the universe and your subconscious mind about what resonates with you.

Until you take out the pencil and make the drawing, your dreams are a bit vague and they haven’t been connected to your physical body through any form of action.

Making that mind-body connection reinforces your intention and raises your energy (and vibrations) creating a much clearer map of your future.

When you do a drawing, see your new dreams as being on order from the universe. You may have to wait for the delivery date, but they’re coming.

Switching your dreams from ‘dreams‘ to ‘in delivery‘ is crucial because then you can start behaving in alignment with their arrival.

You just need to know that your dream is coming and act accordingly (except don’t go telling people as that will disband the energy and weaken it).

There’s another element to using magic drawings, one which is much less physical or tangible in nature.

And that’s working on an energy level.

If you work from a conscious-mind-only level, rather than connecting mind, body and spirit, it would be similar to driving a car with no gasoline in it, and then claiming that cars don’t work.

Without the gasoline, a car won’t work.

And without the emotional energy connection, manifesting will be reduced to just thinking about something instead of setting it in motion.

Drawings have the power to help you manifest your dreams but be sure to connect with your inner self, your highest energy and your knowledge that anything is possible and your dreams are happening.

And that’s why I call them magic drawings.

Manifesting & Meditation

You can use magic drawings alongside meditation, even if you don’t think you can meditate or you don’t know how to start meditating, because there’s actually no wrong way to meditate.

Meditation brings a quality of stillness to your day and over time it can raise your base level emotion to one of higher vibrations. You can even meditate on a question if you’re hoping to bring changes into your life and looking for spiritual guidance.

Practising mindfulness is another tool which helps you to become more powerful at manifesting. And if you’re wondering how long it takes to learn mindfulness, you’ll be happy to hear that you can benefit from it almost from the start.

Meditation helps to give you the serenity to accept what is and to know that what’s on order is on its way to you.

My Introduction to Manifesting with Magic Drawings

The first magic drawing which I did intentionally came about when I was going through a difficult period of my life.

I had a fractured ankle which was refusing to mend because of nerve damage; I was going through separation & divorce. I had no income coming in because of my accident, a daughter to support, a mortgage to pay, plus many rescue dogs and a few rescued horses.

I could see no logical way out of my gloomy situation.

During this time, I couldn’t sleep so I read many self-help books and I came to realise that my broken ankle wasn’t random.

As incredible it sounds, it was necessary for my healing at a deep level – I needed to be the one who wasn’t responsible for everything.

It gave me the opportunity to accept help, something which I wasn’t very good at, at that time.

I could see no way out of my situation. So I sat down and took out a large sketchbook and drew little representatives of all the things I wanted to see in my life.

And then I just said to myself, ‘I don’t know how, but I know it’s coming to me.’

My First Intentional Magic Drawing

I drew a silhouette to represent meeting my soul mate. I drew a 4×4 car to represent cash flow for a new car (though I just needed a car, not specifically a 4×4).

I even drew a fence because the existing fence needed repairing and I didn’t have any money to repair it. I drew the house to represent being able to afford it.

Oh, and I also drew an aeroplane to represent frequent travel. And yes, some euro signs and euro notes. I drew lots of hearts to show my love for all those around me in my life.

How My First Intentional Magic Drawing Resolved

When I first looked back at that drawing after getting through that difficult time, it would make me laugh because of the way it was completely and totally resolved: every little picture became manifested in my life in short succession after its completion, almost in mechanical order.

The first thing was I met my soul mate in the most random and synchronised way. And what’s even more incredible is that we met the very day after the doctors took off my therapeutic boot (for the fractured ankle) for the first time!!

It was as though as soon as my mind had healed (I was in a desperate place in my mind for a while), my body (ankle) could follow along, and then the floodgates opened for all the things I’d been manifesting during my struggle.

Soon after that, my partner’s friend came to visit and one of the first things he said was that he was going to fix all the fencing – with absolutely no suggestion from me!

And the 4×4 was hilarious because we went to buy a ‘small’ car we’d seen advertised but when got to the garage, the little car was a great disappointment and in poor condition, with high kilometres.

Standing on the same forecourt was a 4×4 which my partner asked to test drive just on the spur of the moment. He knew nothing of my drawings.

We’d never discussed buying a 4×4 yet we ended up driving it away and back to Spain where we enjoyed it for a further 10 years.

It looked just like my magic drawing car!!

And so it went on . . . until every single thing in the picture came true.

My First Unintentional Magic Drawing

When I was 7 years old, we were asked by our class teacher to draw our dream home for our future selves. I remember specifically how I felt about the activity and I quickly drew my dream home.

We were asked to explain what we had drawn in a few words so I wrote: ‘I want to live in a simple little hut with my dog and my horse’.

I didn’t realise it, but that was my first magic drawing. It reflected my deepest beliefs, which were that I didn’t need or want money. I just wanted a simple hut, a dog and a horse.

But of course, that childish dream home wasn’t a realistic option for real-world living; it was a place born of the imagination where money wasn’t necessary.

And in the real world, money at this time, is still necessary.

I lived for 15 years in that little hut, with anything between 10-20 rescue dogs and a few rescued horses but because my manifestation had ignored the need for money, I couldn’t pay for everything despite working all hours.

I worked every moment of the day, just to put food on the table for my family – human and animal, until the catalyst came to start me off on my new journey and new manifestations.

Life has a way of guiding you, you just need to listen.

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest Your Dreams By Making a Magic Drawing

Manifesting your dreams isn’t just about manifesting things into your life. You can use this powerful process to help you to give up alcohol, to get fit through hiking, to learn yoga from home or any other major change that you want to see in your life.

You might want to see yourself more fulfilled, happier or slimmer. You can use these tips to help you achieve whatever your chosen outcome is.

Maybe you’d like to meet new friends? Or move house? Or find a spiritual path?

Draw something to represent the new you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s recognisable for other people, it only has to be clear to you what each drawing represents.

Call the picture a magic drawing so your subconscious mind knows how powerful it is. That you haven’t just done a random drawing, but instead a request to the universe.

You’ve now laid the rail tracks for your life to follow.

You don’t need to show anybody the magic drawing or explain it. Just put it somewhere safe and keep it private for yourself. Carry on as normal.

Know it in your heart and keep it there. Every day, every minute, all the time. You are on a new direction.

What do you want to manifest into your life right now?

Sadhguru on the Secret to Manifesting Your Dream Life

I hope you experiment with manifesting the life of your dreams with magic drawings and I send you positive energy for much success.

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