How to Meditate on a Question & Connect with Your Intuition

Are you curious about how to meditate on a question and connect to your inner intuition?

In this article, we will explore the art of meditating on a question, offering practical guidance on how to tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity for life’s decisions.

Unveiling the answers we seek can sometimes seem so elusive. And occasionally we need that extra bit of confidence to take a leap of faith in our lives.

Amidst the uncertainty and fear that often surround important decisions, we find ourselves craving a reliable source of guidance.

This is where the practice of meditating on a question becomes invaluable, allowing us to access an inner wealth of information and connect with our intuition on a profound level.

Like for example, should I leave my job that I’m so unhappy in or should I stick it out for a while longer?

These kinds of impactful decisions become clouded with uncertainty and fear of making the wrong choice.

Or maybe we just want to meditate on our day-to-day questions, the things which crop up on a regular basis.

Whatever our question, we can access an inner wealth of information by asking for guidance during meditation.

Often the answer itself may appear clearly to us during our meditation and other times it becomes clear afterwards as we go about our day.

Even if all we do is settle into the roots of the question and do a peaceful meditation, we can come out of it better prepared for the decisions of our life.

We can sprinkle the issue in hand with some inner guidance.

In this post we’re going to break down how to ask a question during meditation so that you can reap the benefits of doing so, as well as troubleshoot some potential hurdles people often face.

We will cover the motivation for meditating on a question, specific techniques for getting answers, reasons it may not be working for you as well as its benefits and limitations.

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Why Meditate on a Question?

Answers which you receive through meditation are super cool because they bring about the feeling of relief, and of knowing which way to go.

And that takes the doubt out of whether your decision is right for you.

You get that sensation in the pit of your stomach that you’re okay.

That this is the right decision, the right move.

Even when things are difficult and none of your options seem rosy, even when you really aren’t sure what the outcome will be, when you go with the one that resonates deeply, you know you made the right choice.

And that gives you confidence. Relief. Peace.

Or maybe you’re just wondering about less important stuff, more of a general what-shall-I-do-with-my-life kinda question. No sweat, meditation can also help you out here.

It won’t always give you the answer immediately, and you won’t always know for sure.

But often you will.

Just something, even if it’s a tiny nugget of wisdom that will help you navigate your decisions a little more easily.

And that can help you go through your day a little easier.


You might not get an answer when you meditate on a question.

But it’s like strengthening a muscle and the more you practice, the more likely you’ll be able to receive the answer.

Can Meditation Answer Questions?


There are innumerable ways to connect with your Inner Voice, or Spirit Guides, or the Universe or God, whichever name most resonates with you.

Meditation can answer your question directly or indirectly. Usually it’s indirectly.

You may receive a message from a guide within your meditation that helps you decide.

It could be a simple message that helps show you which way to turn.

Or it could be an image, a vivid picture of you active in one of the choices. Or it could even be a question reflected to you to help you view your situation differently.

Be open to the messages you receive in meditation and bring them back to the real world with you for absorbing in full.

Where to Sit to Meditate on a Question

You can do this meditation at any time of the day.

You can do it as well as your regular meditation or instead of your regular meditation.

For this kind of inner journey, you may choose to meditate with music or without.

First of all, sit or lie wherever you like to practise your mediation. (If you don’t usually meditate, choose a place where you won’t be disturbed and where you’ll be comfortable.)

You can find a spot outside in nature and meditate there. You can choose a spot in your home, or you can even meditate in bed just before sleep.

How to meditate on a question - person sitting cross legged on a rock, overlooking a far reaching view.

I do that quite often when I want to meditate on a question, lie in my bed, close my eyes and begin the inner journey.

Another space I like to meditate is on my yoga mat, after a home yoga session.

Or just in my regular meditation space, sitting cross legged on a cushion on the floor with a wall behind me.

Where you meditate is your choice, but try to choose somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Turn off your mobile phone and reduce external noises as much as you can. Grab a blanket if it’s chilly in the room.

What Kind of Meditation for Answering a Question?

My favourite way to get astounding revelations or answers to pesky questions is to go on an inner journey.

True, it’s a bit more complicated to describe the process. True, it takes a little bit of practice to really experience the impact.

But it’s worth it.

On the other hand, you can also include a question in your normal meditation.

There are many different ways to meditate and innumerable styles, opinions, experiences, traditions, cultures and practical applications.

In fact, meditation goes back over 2500 years ago, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s evolved into an umbrella word for many practices.

Nowadays, the concept of meditation’s much like a tree – with millions of leaves, each one of them being a meditation.

Read on for how to ask a question using mindfulness meditation and my preferred method, using inner journeying.

How Can You Ask a Question in Regular Meditation?

All meditation will help you tackle your situation even if you don’t actively ask the question, because it makes you calmer and more at peace.

Even if you don’t get the specific answer, you will gain insights to help you discover the answer for yourself.

Set the intention of your question at the start – say the question within your mind – then focus on your breath and hold on to the question for 10 rounds of breathing. (In and out = 1 count.)

After the 10 rounds, release the question from your mind and watch it float away.

Sit in your meditation as normal, watching the breath and observing anything that crops up. If a thought floats in, watch it dispassionately, without judgement.

Bring your focus back to your breath every time you notice it wandering but pay attention to any images which may crop up during this time.

If you’re going to get an answer to your question, it will often become clear to you just after your session, rather than directly within your practice.

You may find you receive great intuition in your practise which will help you to answer the question at the end of your session.

At the very least, practising meditation will help make you more composed and better prepared for making difficult decisions.

Remember, there really isn’t a wrong way to practise meditation but inner journeying can be more direct for asking questions.

How do You Meditate on a Decision Using Regular Meditation?

  • Sit or lie somewhere comfortable and quiet.
  • Turn off your mobile and any other distractions.
  • Begin to relax your body, starting from your feet and ending at the top of your head, relaxing each body part as you come to it. Say to yourself, Your feet are fully relaxed and heavy. The pure relaxation is moving up to your ankles . . and legs. Your legs feel so heavy, they are melting into the surface below them. Carry on like this until you’ve covered your whole body, including arms and hands, eyelids and jaw.
  • Now focus on your breathing, inhaling as deeply as you exhale.
  • Ask the question in your mind as you begin to breath. Hold the question for a round of 10 breaths, then let it go. Notice the question floating away from you.
  • Visualise bright white healing light as you breath in (or another colour that springs to mind in your visualisation).
  • Breath out the stress and clutter from you day with each exhale.
  • Stay focussed on the breath and observe any thoughts which pop into your mind. Observe them and release them.
  • When you’re ready, gently come back to the room and give thanks that the solution will become clear to you during your day.
  • Trust in the process.

Mindfulness meditation isn’t the easiest path because if you’re not used to sitting quietly, you can feel overwhelmed by the chatter of your mind.

It takes practise, practise, practise.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, and it will get easier with time, I promise you.

And as it becomes a habit to meditate, that’s when you unlock a deeper appreciation for the power of the activity.

How to Meditate on a Question Using Inner Journeying Meditation

Begin by focusing on your breath, inhaling and exhaling equally deeply.

It helps if you’re familiar with practising mindfulness meditation but if you don’t understand mindfulness, don’t worry, you can still use inner journeying to meditate on a question.

Inhale a positive quality such as a healing light, or inspiration or love, and choose a burden to let go of with each exhale. It might be your attachments, worries, ill-health etc. (With each exhale you release the same burden.)

Relax your body by doing a body scan, starting from the tips of your toes and working your way up to the top of your head, visualising and commanding each part of your body to become heavy and relaxed, until your whole body is in a state of relaxation.

Journey to Your Magic Garden to Meditate on a Question

At this point of meditation you’re going to go on an inner journey.

This method’s inspired by a blend of self hypnosis, voice dialogue therapy and shamanic journeying influences.

Count backwards silently from 5 – 0 and tell yourself with your inner narrative voice that with each number, you’re going to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Say to yourself silently, ‘5 . . . you’re feeling super relaxed and now as I count down, every part of your body slips deeper and deeper into relaxation. 4 . . . and so on.

By directing your mind with your inner narrator, you’ll help to keep all the other inner chatter quiet.

When you reach the number zero, you see a lift. Step into the lift and notice as it goes down, down and down.

Watch the numbers count backwards as the lift goes downward and with each level, you sink deeper and deeper into trance. (You can omit the lift stage if you don’t need so long to get ‘deep’.)

As you step out of the lift, you see a door.

Walk towards a door.

Reach out and place your hand on the handle (within your mind). Feel its texture, is it made from wood? Open the door and see a long staircase going down, down, down.

Look at the staircase. What’s it made from? Is it straight or spiral? Steep or shallow? Is it surrounded by plants or is it bare? Begin to walk down this staircase and with each step that you take, feel the sensation of the earth beneath your bear feet.

Are you walking through muddy grassland or is there sand, or stone beneath your feet? Feel the sensation.

When you get to the bottom of the stairs, walk along the path which unfolds before you. Look around you. What do you see? Step by step . . .

Trees surrounding a pond

You may find yourself in a tall forest as you walk towards the garden ahead.

Or maybe the trees are twisted and short, covered in moss.

Go through the forest until you find yourself in your very own perfect magic garden, a place of beauty where you feel completely safe and loved.

Smell the scent of flowers on the breeze, hear the birds singing overhead and look around you in awe of the beauty of this place.

This is your special place and you can come back here time and time again in meditation, whenever you need to connect with your spirits or find inner peace.

However it springs to mind is perfect.

Your magic garden could also be a beach with palm trees and waves crashing on the shore, whatever your subconscious mind offers you, marvel at it and enjoy the sensation of beauty all around you.

Meeting Spirit Beings in Your Magic Garden

Look around you.

Do you see anyone?

You may find loved ones are waiting to greet you.

Your garden might be populated with spirit animals, either ones you knew in the physical form, or ones who are completely new to you.

Sit on the grass and watch what unfolds before you. Feel free to interact with any beings who approach.

After hearing what these guides offer you, go to the water’s edge and walk into the crystal clear water, swimming deep down and down, without the need for oxygen.

You can swim like this through the underground water-world, exploring the seascape you find below, until you decide to come back to the surface and climb out of the water to lie on the bank on the other side of the water.

Alternatively, you can take a small rowboat to the other side.

Journey to the Caves of Wisdom

You’re now on the other side of the lake. You can see a hill and you begin to go upwards towards the horizon.

Keep walking until you see an entrance to a cave, or a building of some kind.

It might be a hut made from mud, a wooden house or a cave.

Know that these huts all offer specific purposes. Choose to go into the room of questions or one which resonates most, where you will receive answers.

For example, if you’re working on how to not give up so easily, you can choose the cave of wisdom to go into. Once inside, you will sit in the middle of the space and ask your question to the beings who surround you. These may be your other selves or they may be otherworldly beings.

If another room appears to you, go with it.

Sometimes our subconscious mind wants us to know something even if we aren’t aware of it. So instead of the room of questions, you might suddenly find yourself in the room of self-discovery for example.

Within the small hut, the room opens up into a spacious cave-like area, huge compared to the outside appearance. Take notice of your surroundings and look at the spirit beings who are moving within the space.

Summon all of your own self to join the spirit beings in the room. Walk towards the seat which is awaiting you.

It might be like a fabulous throne on a stage, a golden seat in the centre of the room or a modest chair in amongst all the beings.

As you take your seat, you might see tens or hundreds of these fractions of yourself seated around you – your angry voice, your teenage self, your shy voice, your inner child, your defender, your inner critic and more, all seated in a circle around you.

The moment has come to voice your question.

Say the question in your mind and watch the ripple effect from within your minds eye.

Listen as the beings offer their answers.

None of this is a thought process. You aren’t actively thinking. The images spring up before you have time to invent them. If you’re inventing them, spend more time practising the deepening stages of the meditation.

You may find that loads of them all come forth with answers, or only one, or none at all.

Whatever it is, is fine.

Be aware that when an angry answer comes from one of your selfs, you may choose to thank them for their input and ask them to sit on the sideline as an observer.

Tell them that you appreciate that they have been there to protect you all your life but that for now, you don’t need the angry voice to be present.

Listen to the angry response and say, ‘Be that as it may, we have plenty of time to respond to that. For now, I’d like you to sit aside and let the other voices be heard.’

You may find that a non-earthly being gives you an answer to your question. It may just telepathically land into your conscious or you may see them speak it to you.

It could also happen that you don’t receive an answer when you’re in the room of questions, but it can still come to you later on when you’re back in your magic garden or even after the meditation is over.

When you’re ready, thank the spirits and your multiple voices and leave the room to come back to your garden.

Return to Your Magic Garden

Green fields stretching away to the distant mountains on the horizon

Your magic garden might be a grassy field, a forest, a mountain top, a tropical beach, a fantastical scenery of another world . . . whatever comes up for you is perfect.

There, you can sit on the grassy bank and clear your mind.

Allow the silence to engulf you.

If the thoughts start coming, choose either to bring your focus back to your breath or just say ‘thank you’ to the thought but don’t interact further with it.

Allow yourself to stay in the zone.

Often the answer will pop into your head and become clear to you.

Sometimes, it might not present itself until well after the meditation, when it will suddenly appear in a way of intuition.

If no answer comes to you, you may choose to repeat the meditation again the following day.

Each time you visit the inner journey to the magic garden you may meet new beings or the same team of spirits.

It’s especially useful to ask your various other voices because often in life it’s actually us who is blocking something. For example, you could sit in the room of questions and ask, ‘Which one of us doesn’t like money?‘ or ‘Which one of us thinks we don’t deserve to be wealthy?

And you will spontaneously hear a response from a part of your subconscious mind. It may even shock you to hear a part of you saying that money is dirty or that you can’t trust money or other limiting beliefs you hold.

When this happens you can thank that voice and ask it to be an observer for 3 days. Tell the voice that it needs permission before it speaks.

This will draw your attention to it when you’re about your daily business and this part of you would normally go unseen – you will become aware of it and in doing so you reclaim the power to choose.

The journey is an adventure which can bring clarity to your life and it isn’t brought to life by thinking but by allowing it to spring up before you spontaneously.

Guided Shamanic Journey

Summary of How to Meditate on a Decision with Inner Journeying

  • Sit and breath deeply. Focus on your breath.
  • Do a body scan to relax even more.
  • Use the imagery of a lift to take you down deeper into relaxation.
  • Next see yourself stepping down an outdoor staircase and walking along a path, feeling the soil beneath your feet as you go deeper into your meditation.
  • At the end of the path you discover your magic garden where you’ll meet some of your guides and swim through the lake of clarity.
  • From there you will seek out the room of questions where you will meet more of guides along with your own inner voices. You will ask the question and be open to receive answers from the beings in the room.
  • Don’t push for answers. If nothing comes, be at ease. Allow things to be as they are.
  • If you receive an answer (or answers), thank the spirits and your other selves and return to your magic garden.
  • Sit in peaceful silence on the grassy bank and return to your breath.
  • Listen to, see or feel any intuition which flows to you.
  • When you’re ready, return to the room and to your fully awake state.
  • If you didn’t receive an answer to the question, it may still come to you in the form of intuition during the day.
  • Learning to receive your intuition is like a muscle – it gets stronger with exercise. If at first you don’t succeed, keep practising.

Why isn’t Meditation Helping Me Find Answers?

Mediation can connect you with the inner core and spiritual essence of yourself.

So when you meditate, it isn’t always about getting perfect answers for worldly troubles. Sometimes meditation will just bring you calmness to recollect your thoughts and face the world again.

  • Meditation connects you to your spiritual essence, not to your worldly troubles, so the very act of meditating can release you from the very question you asked in the first place. It’s a great way to connect to your intuition or your spirit guides, but if you’re asking a negative-energy question, it could be that it’s not in your best interests to receive an answer.
  • Through meditation you learn to release the importance of outward things and connect with the inner world.
  • Many questions are better off left at the doorway, before you enter into the meditative zone.
  • If you want an answer to a question, choose a question related to your higher good and accept whatever answer comes your way.
  • Don’t be despondent if you do not receive an answer.

Using Guided Meditations to Find Answers to Questions

Instead of going deep into the zone with your own private meditation, you can also use guided meditations to take you on your inner journey.

Not all guided meditations are built the same and you definitely have to resonate with the voice and whole presentation of the meditation.

I love this guided meditation to answer your questions by Jason Stephenson and it’s very similar to the magic garden journey.

By practising this video, you’ll get a better idea of how to instruct your subconscious mind when doing your own inner journeys without the help of another person.

Jason conjures up vivid feelings, scents, images etc to really involve your senses and take you deep into the meditative state.

Meditation brings with it so much peace of mind.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you to see how to meditate on a question.

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