Vegan living is a gift you can give to yourself that will liberate, exhilarate and uplift you.

When you first take the step towards living a more conscious life you’ll begin to unravel a never ending labyrinth of untruths, misconceptions, false beliefs, ignorance, manipulative marketing, brainwashing, and many more.

It is quite simply astounding that we as human beings have the capacity to follow blindly with our eyes shut, pacing along a road we would never travel if we only lifted our eyelids to focus for a moment.

If you share my conviction that we can coexist with love and respect for our environment (our ‘home’), all other living beings, human, animal and plant by nature, then this site is for you.

If you love nature and if you love life you owe it to yourself to live a life in line with your peaceful intent.

And the first step starts here.

Or maybe you are already on your journey, as am I, and you’re here to share so that we can uplift each other and learn from one another.

I welcome all who share a vision of a world that’s based on awe for life and abhorrence toward unnecessary cruelty or abuse.

Together we can effect change in the commercial system because united we have enough power to create consumer pressure.

And between us we can evolve our spiritual awareness and manifest change in the reflected world around us.