Transitioning to Vegan Living

Do you want to transition to vegan? If so, go for it – step by little step.

It’s an exciting journey.

It will liberate and uplift you, and you’ll glimpse a fresh look at the world.

Taking those first steps can be tough. Will it pan out? Will you get where you want to go?

It doesn’t matter. Every step in the right direction is a win.

It’s a continuum as you start to unravel the path you discover a never-ending labyrinth of untruths, misconceptions, false beliefs, ignorance, manipulative marketing, brainwashing, and more.

It is quite simply astounding that we as human beings have the capacity to follow blindly with our eyes closed, pacing along a road we would never travel if only we lifted our eyelids to focus for a moment.

(I include myself in this observation, of course.)

But don’t focus on the bad. Focus on the eeffing awesomeness of your new path.

Focus on your successes. Always.

If you share my conviction that we can coexist with love and respect for our environment (our ‘home’), as well as respecting all other life regardless of species, then this site is for you.

Sure, I know there are plenty of people who will react with hatred if they read this. They will call me stupid (haha and much worse of course).

But that’s fine too.

Because I’m dedicated to those who share the same peaceful vision of the world.

If you love nature, if you love animals, and if you love life; you can do this.

It isn’t just about food, it’s about living passionately, brimming with positive energy.

Enjoy your yoga, meditation, hiking or whatever else claims your heart.

It’s about longevity. Empathy. Understanding. Growing great relationships and appreciating every moment we have.

And the first step starts here.

It starts by saying no to speciesism.

Some people believe that human beings are the superior race. But if that were so, we’d recognise our responsibility to take care of animals in the world around us.

We can choose to be the caretakers or the ransackers. The lovers or the fighters. The peace bringer or the war maker.

Welcome all who share a vision of a world that’s based on awe for life and abhorrence towards cruelty or abuse.

Together we can be the catalyst for change in the commercial system, because united we can create power to cause a ripple. And a ripple can become a wave.

Between us we can evolve our spiritual awareness and manifest change in the reflection that is the mirror before us.

Here’s to you and to your wonderful vegan lifestyle.

(Featured image by Nghia Le on Unsplash)

Some Links to Help You Start Out

Here is a collection of articles which are here to help you on your vegan journey. Whether you’ve been vegan for a while or are just beginning, I hope these will be useful for you.

If you have any unanswered questions, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer.

Going Vegan

A collection of articles which address the general process of going vegan and tips to make it easier .

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Giving up Cheese

Cheese is one of those things everybody seems to struggle with. What is it about cheese that makes it so hard? Would you be surprised to know that cheese is actually addictive? Yes, really, it is!

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Vegan WFPB Cooking Methods

When you switch to vegan and especially to wfpb vegan, you might find you need to embrace new ways of thinking about dishes and different ways of cooking than what you’re used to.

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Frequent Doubts About Going Vegan

Of course you’ll have doubts. Any change as huge as this is going to bring with it lots of questions. Here are a few of the questions I’ve come across since being vegan.

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Common Vegan FAQ

Is It Vegan?

One thing that can be quite a learning curve is actually understanding what is and what isn’t vegan. There are plenty of surprising ingredients which at first glance don’t seem to be animal derived but which when you learn more about them, are actually not vegan friendly.

In the beginning, I wouldn’t worry about the finer details. Take it step by step. Eliminate the main meat, fish, dairy sources from your diet and gradually allow yourself to grow into your new lifestyle.

When you’re ready, move on to the more difficult topics of honey, eggs, ingredient lists etc, until you can find the right line for you, personally.

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