Welcome to Love Vegan Living

The mission of Love Vegan Living is to share what vegan living is all about and to help you to reconnect to your inner power as we become more abundant, joyful, and healthy version of ourselves.

When you reconnect with your true active self, you (re)discover just how incredible you are.

And with that journey of self discovery comes abundance, health, and joy.

So many of us live life feeling dejected, bored, lonely, sick, addicted, tired and even ‘old’. And it’s my belief that you can unravel all of that, not by focussing ON it, but by focussing inwardly and through the process creating more joy in your life.

  • Eat cruelty-free foods which are health-promoting and full of phytonutrients (vegan wfpb).
  • Avoid ingesting toxins as much as possible.
  • Encourage your body to stay supple and active, as it was designed to be (by practising yoga and hiking or other activities you love).
  • Connect with the higher power, the Universe or Infinite Energy, and learn to trust the process of life.
  • Manifest the life of your dreams into reality. (In reality you aren’t manifesting it, you are just stepping aside and allowing it to become visible.)

Have you ever had unexplainable experiences? There’s so much more out there than we give credit for, and for me, the path of discovery is super exciting.

As well as easy vegan recipes which are also all gluten free and partially oil free , you’ll also find other topics such as a guide to a whole foods plant based diet, an essential guide on how to go gluten free, how to start a vegan lifestyle and a resource of common vegan FAQ.

In addition to the vegan posts, there are posts on manifesting the life you want, and on how to progress in your home yoga practise and here are my 3 favourite yoga teachers at the moment.

It’s time to make your dreams reality!