Are There Any Good Online Resources to Learn Yoga?

Are there any good online resources to learn yoga? Absolutely! There are loads of online yoga teachers to choose from and some of them are absolutely amazing.

When you think about your favourite yoga teacher, the answer can’t be just one answer which lasts for eternity because your yoga practice by its very nature will evolve and grow.

So you need to have a variety of great online teachers. You may have a favourite today and somebody else in a month’s time.

Are you looking to go deeper into your practice but finding it difficult to source a consistent source of yoga to follow? If so, maybe this post can help inspire you.

I shared some other yogis in earlier posts on how to learn yoga from home and how to progress in yoga.

When looking at online yoga resources, you need to know which style of yoga you’re going to practise.

What’s Your Favourite Type of Yoga?

Like everything else, you’ll probably find you go through phases. When I started out, I enjoyed hatha yoga to begin with, which allowed me to learn the basic asanas or poses.

From there I became more interested in vinyasa yoga and also spent a period of time playing around with the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga.

After that, I inclined more toward Vinyasa yoga again, which is what I predominantly practise now. I do love a touch of Yin Yoga for releasing stress or unwinding those tight muscles, especially if it’s mixed in with a little flow as well.

My criteria for learning yoga at the moment is that the flow needs to create a feeling of having stretched myself to my line. I like to feel it in my body after a yoga flow rather than just do a quick flow and get on with the day.

Of course it’s all time-dependant so when you don’t have much time to spare, you will appreciate any time spent on the mat.

But when possible I prefer an hour of yoga over the shorter flows. And my goal is to be in the moment, to dig deeper into the heart of yoga and keep learning more and more and more about it.

Levels of Yoga: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

I practise intermediate yoga flows.

It’s so important to find videos that are in tune with where you’re at with your practice. Too advanced or too slow and you might find yourself getting demotivated.

Generally speaking start with beginner videos and when you know the basic flows, progress to intermediate. I think most of us can stay at intermediate level for a very long time.

Two of the BEST Online Resources for Advancing your Yoga

When you really want to progress in yoga, the last thing you want is to be spending ages seeking your next video every day, although it is part of the journey too and it’s fine at certain times. Just not when you really want to get your teeth sunk in.

Not when you REALLY want to progress.

Progress While Being in the Moment

Progress doesn’t have to be about future goals. Progress in yoga for me is about really being in the moment.

Every moment brings its own joy, it’s own peace, its own challenges. And to really be truly mindful throughout is enough.

At the same time, the depth you dive into a pose will deepen naturally, so you need a flow which will challenge you physically, not because you aiming for the future but because you are fully aware of the present.

These two online resources are my favourites at this point in time.

1. Who’s Your Favourite Yoga Teacher Online? Answer: Kassandra Reinhardt

Kassandra Reinhardt’s channel is called Yoga with Kassandra and offers yin yoga, vinyasa flows and restorative yoga.

She knows how to speak just the right amount to help guide you through the flow without excessive chatting and she has a calm and easy-to-listen to voice.

Her vinyasa flows are smooth and peaceful but with enough variation of poses and options of different challenges to keep you engaged throughout.

There’s a huge range of material on her channel, from quick 10 minute flows to full 1 hour yoga classes. She also does some minimum cues classes which can be nice when you feel like flowing without the voiceover.

It’s quite hard to find longer classes or flows with most of the online yoga teachers. They seem to favour the 20 minutes flows but for me it’s important to have the full hour. The shorter ones are great as quick additions but not enough if you want to really get into the zone (in my opinion).

Here is one of her 1 hour vinyasa flow classes.

Head on over to her page to see the huge variety of possibilities she has – from 10 minutes upwards.

Kassandra also has plenty Yin flows available, for adding a more passive stretch to your daily yoga routine and for really getting deep into those poses.

Here’s one of her 45 minute yin yoga videos, though as I said, there are tons of options on her channel.

I’m always on the lookout for longer yoga challenges and my other favourite is somebody I’ve only recently found but I’m excited to have discovered.

2. Who’s Your Favourite Yoga Teacher Online? Answer: Travis Eliot

His name is Travis Eliot and he’s got loads of free material on his YouTube channel, plus he has his own platform called Inner Dimension TV where you can join for a very low cost, and which comes with a free 10 day trial.

Inner Dimension TV brings you Power yoga, Yin yoga, Meditation and Daily Wisdom. There are some seriously enticing complete challenges.

At the moment I’m doing the Level Up 108 course and it’s absolutely phenomenal! Inner dimensions TV is definitely my favourite yoga platform so far and I’ve been a member of many others.

Another great thing about Travis Eliot is he has flows for beginners and flows for advanced students so it’s a safe bet that you can find something to suit your mood and experience level.

The yoga is smooth flowing while also challenging at the same time, which I personally love.

I suspect you’ll find it hard to discover so many options for a deeper practice from many other sources.

I find his style of teaching quite different to others and to be honest it takes a little getting used to at first, but the quality of the flows persuaded me to persevere and I absolutely love it now.

He gives nuggets of wisdom along the way and the Yin yoga is also brilliant.

Thoroughly recommend joining this platform if you want to do yoga every day!

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed these two favourite resources. Do you have more people you love to follow? I would love to know: who’s your favourite yoga teacher online?

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