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The mission of Love Vegan Living is to share a guide to vegan living and empower you to live a life of health, joy and vitality.

For anyone who believes in peace and abhors injustice, a vegan lifestyle is the only way. So I hope to use my years of experience to ease the path and share what I’ve learned along the way.

Easy recipes which are vegan, gluten free and oil free to help you achieve the most vibrant version of yourself, while following a cruelty-free, sustainable lifestyle.

As well as the many recipes, you’ll also find other topics such as a guide to the whole foods plant based diet, an essential guide on how to go gluten free, how to start a vegan lifestyle and a resource of common vegan FAQ.

In addition to the vegan posts, there are some posts on manifesting the life you want, as I believe this is a gift you can use to change your life.

It’s time to make your dreams reality!

My goal with Love Vegan Living is to share what I’ve learned over the years, to help you to live your life to the full while discovering or developing an inspirational vegan lifestyle.