Does Being Vegan Resonate With You?

There are so many things I’ve learned in life but one of the most important things I’ve discovered is that we don’t know very much. As human beings I mean.

We’ve trampled through history stomping on everything that’s important, and only now are we beginning to awaken to the devastating impact we’re having on the planet.

It isn’t always easy to switch to a different model of living; I mean we depend on our society, our culture, our upbringing, our environment . . . we do lots of things that aren’t in line with our beliefs, without wanting to, without even knowing it.

I’ve been vegetarian all my life and vegan for several years now. The main reason is because I can’t stand seeing or causing suffering, and I love animals. More recently I’ve become aware of our trashing of the planet. So many of us want to transition over to a more sustainable way of living and follow an ethical lifestyle more fully.

I’m on a learning curve as I explore ways to reduce my negative impact on the world around me, whether it be supporting ethical brands, reducing the amount of waste rubbish, using less plastic or avoiding buying awful products which are produced in the name of profit & greed instead of fair-trade and sustainability.

We can’t be perfect; all we can do it try to do one step better. Step. by. step.

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