How to Manifest What You Want – A Beginner’s Guide

If you’d like to know how to manifest what you want in your life, then this article is for you because learning how to manifest is a life-changing skill that will transform your reality.

So, do you want to change something in your life?

Maybe you want to move house, buy a new car, manifest a different job, create more abundance, eat healthier, be happier, meet your soulmate . . . whatever it is, manifesting is the number one low-stress way to achieve it.

But before you roll your eyes, hang on a moment, because the word ‘manifesting’ has become an umbrella word for so many different techniques.

And if you ask a hundred people what manifesting actually means, you’ll probably get a hundred different answers.

In today’s article, we look into one method of manifesting and how you can use it to successfully create transformation in your life.

What Is Manifestation?

Ok, so here’s the thing. You’re going to get loads of different opinions on this question.

From practical people describing manifesting as being completely down-to-earth, all about inner control – to the more spiritually-minded camp who may sound more woo-woo or airy-fairy.

So what’s the truth?

Like so many things there’s no ONE correct answer.

There are ways that work and ways which don’t but they’re made up of many components, and it all has to fit together like one giant jigsaw.

Each one of us can only see what works in our own reality or in the reality of our staff or friends as they relate to our company – but we can’t see exactly what or how other people are doing it.

Because the work is all within. It’s an inside job.

And that’s fine.

Those differences in the application may or may not be responsible for the fact that some people can manifest things into their reality in super-fast time, while other people need longer.

But ultimately what matters is getting results.

So as long as you can manifest what you want to come into your life, the rest is fluff.

So manifesting, in a nutshell, is the ability to align our thoughts with our beliefs with our desires and to be 100% secure and grounded in our requests as well as taking action while also allowing the result to be magnetised into our reality.

Manifesting graphic showing original desire, be specific, subconscious beliefs, take action, all and receive.

And there’s another thing. We could get pedantic about the actual meaning of manifesting. We could argue about the definition of the word and the rights and the wrongs.

But where’s the point in that, right?

How Can You Manifest Your Desires Into Reality?

So I want to offer to you that this is what has worked for me, time and time again over the course of almost 30 years.

The first thing you need to know about manifesting is that it’s multi-faceted. So if you get one part right, but not the rest, you won’t get the results. Everything has to click into place like a puzzle.

You have your conscious thoughts and your subconscious beliefs. And these two need to be in alignment, and once that happens you get the addition of gut feeling and heart knowing.

These two interior confirmations may feel as though they’re both coming from the gut or both from the heart, so don’t stress if you only feel one.

But that sensation deep inside of you tells you that you’re in alignment.

You’ve put yourself into alignment with the new reality.

1. Set Your Intention

The first thing to do is to choose something not too far from your current reality.

Many of us forget that positive transformations don’t tend to spring at us from a hundred thousand miles away. They normally share a link with our current reality.

We’re on a constant wave and we can step into the areas directly next to our wave at any moment.

And what we perceive to be a small shift of consciousness can actually be tremendous, while what we perceive to be that huge ‘wow’ moment which changed our lives forever, that huge step, is just the pinnacle on top of the mountain which we’ve been building before that moment.

So if you’re at A, set your intention to B.

Don’t try to go from A to Z in one swift movement because for most of us, it won’t be believable and when it’s not believable, we won’t be pulling it into our reality.

That’s not to say that if you’re experienced at manifesting and let’s say you’re starting a new business, it’s not to say that you can’t think big.

Sure, you can totally know that you’re building a multi-million dollar business. As long as you know it and believe it 100% and you don’t have counteractive limiting beliefs.

You need to have confidence and trust in the process.

So let’s say you’ve decided to manifest something not too far from your current life.

What now?

2. Get Your Subconscious Beliefs On Board

Your job now is to run checks to see whether you’re in alignment with your desired outcome. Do you believe, deep in your subconscious this new step is already your reality?

The answer is almost certainly a ‘no’.

Because if you were already in alignment, you would already have those results which you desire.

Nothing illustrates this clearer than when we ‘wish’ for something.

You think that you truly want to be that person who lives a jet-set life but deep down you don’t want to risk your security.

Or maybe you dream of having a job with prospects, yet you’ve always chosen the easy options where you don’t have to feel scared or under pressure.

It doesn’t matter the scenario, if we look into things that are present in our lives, we can trace them back to decisions we’ve made, feelings we’ve had, and subconscious programming we’ve installed.

When you discover that you don’t truly believe that you can have what you’ve requested, it’s time to start feeding your subconscious mind with evidence.

Read articles regularly, watch videos, and speak to people who already have/know it.

Give your desired outcome plenty of brain time every day where you consciously make plans, feel as though you have it, and if you like doing affirmations, use affirmations.

You may also like to make a magic drawing or a vision board. Personally, I prefer doing magic drawings.

Also, you can include your desired reality within your meditation, giving gratitude for its outcome.

You need to get to the point where it feels grounded and normal that you have this thing.

It’s no longer way out there but a normal part of your existence.

So it isn’t up on a pedestal.

When it’s truly believed by your subconscious and conscious brain, you’re actions will be driven from this altered perspective.

When you’re subconscious mind is in alignment, you will feel grounded as you manifest things into your reality.

And that in itself will create different results.

3. Take Action

Taking action is a vital part of the manifesting process but that isn’t to say that you have to invent action but take the initiative to follow through with opportunities that present themselves.

If you don’t think there’s anything you can do, don’t panic.

Just stay open for it.

When I was at my lowest point, with a fractured ankle and no money or imaginable way out of my mess, the only action I could take was to surf the internet looking for a house in a different country, even though I didn’t have any money.

I fed my conscious and subconscious mind every day, day in and day out until I truly believed that my solution would come.

And come it did.

Notice Synchronicities and Act Upon Them

It’s often at this point that you’ll see crazy synchronicities and opportunities flowing into your life, things you’d never noticed before.

Seize these opportunities and follow the flow knowing in your gut that what you want to manifest is already in your future or alternative reality.

It’s just a matter of stepping into being the person who has that reality. And take action whenever the opportunity arises.

If you become more in alignment and truly aware of how it feels to have your desired result in your mind every day, you’ll start noticing different things in your daily life.

4. Allow the Manifesting to Flow

Allowing is vital. No timeline, no deadline and no silent threats that if it doesn’t come by a certain time it isn’t working.

The results will flow into your life when your energy is ready and not a moment before.

By holding all the parts of the manifesting process together in your being, you can allow the universe to take care of the rest.

Think it, believe it, feel gratitude for it, know it 100%, act on opportunities, be what you want to see, allow it, receive it.

5. Receive it

Sometimes the results come in a different form than we had expected (i.e. almost always!). So be open to surprises.

If you’ve requested an amazing new job with a better income and you believe that means promotion at your firm, don’t be surprised if you find your work terminated.

What? I wanted a better job not to be without a job!!

Have faith that it’s all part of the process and you have to leave your job before you can find the better one.

This is so true with so many situations, often we have to go through some kind of discomfort to get through to the other side where our results are waiting for us.

How to Succeed in Manifesting on YouTube

Manifesting Is For Everybody

I want to finish this article by mentioning that everybody can benefit from using manifesting techniques to improve their life.

I recently had a comment on my IG account saying that I wasn’t taking into account socioeconomic factors, mental health, or learning difficulties.

I disagree.

This isn’t about creating millions (though it can be). It isn’t about being the most successful person in the world.

It’s about getting to understand how to move forward one step from where we are.

For someone who’s grown up in a harsh reality, they face different obstacles than someone who’s grown up in a loving environment.

But both people can apply this to their situation to create change for the better.

This way of looking at life isn’t about blaming anybody. It’s about taking responsibility for what goes on in our heads.

So somebody who’s born into a difficult life will face challenges unique to their situation and nobody can say that it’s easy.

But that person, nobody else, can look over their life and shift the way they react to it.

They can take steps to heal their scars or manifest a loving person into their life.

Manifesting doesn’t need to mean big houses and huge incomes. It’s useful for everyone regardless of their starting point.

Because all of us can be happier when we move just one step forward from where we are towards where we want to be.

If you’d like support in creating change in your life, feel free to get in touch for a chat.

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