How to Manifest Every Day – a Technique that Works

You can start to manifest on a daily basis to help you get powerful at manifesting greater things, no matter where you’re starting from.

It’s a matter of spending more time developing your inner ability to manifest and your confidence in the results.

If you don’t really trust the system, then this method can help build up confidence, and the best way to start that is by integrating manifesting techniques into your daily life.

This post looks at one of those techniques.

Learn to Manifest Even If You Don’t Believe It’s Possible

If you don’t believe, it won’t work. Simple as that. (Not quite true: it’s always working, just not for the things you’re trying to consciously attract into your reality.)

Because if you don’t think it will work, your energy won’t be vibrating at the same frequency as your desired outcome and you won’t be magnetising it into your reality.

One way to monitor your beliefs is to stay grounded while manifesting.

There are other reasons why your manifesting might not be working for you, but this is a big one.

So the true question is: how to start to manifest even if you don’t believe?

This is a technique which you can use on a daily basis to help you grow confident in your ability to manifest almost anything you want. And because you can start this immediately without needing to ‘believe’ in it, you can then grow to believe through practice.

Manifesting works when you’re in alignment with your desire (or request).

So if you’re resonating with disbelief, the things you’re trying to manifest won’t appear. What then, to do, if you have difficulty believing this thing will work?

By training your subconscious mind to accept/believe/know that anything can be attracted into your reality by the law of attraction, you can open yourself to become powerful at manifesting.

Many blogs (including this one) will tell you to try and set aside your negative thoughts and practise gratitude for what you’ve requested – as though you’d already received it – and while that’s powerful, it isn’t easy if you have a loud disbeliever voice speaking from within your head.

The same is true if you have a desire so strong that you crave it, or you need for the result to be a certain way.

That need will block your ability to attract what you request. So if you find yourself desperately wanting/needing more money, for example, don’t expect to be able to manifest it instantly.

It will take time to learn to focus on what you are less desperate for. For now, instead, try manifesting less important things first.

In my previous post on how to manifest the life you want, I talked about how important it is that you can feel the request resonate within your chest and your solar plexus area as you think about it.

But what if you can’t feel it?

What if you don’t believe it?

Or maybe you need it too much to allow it into your reality?

Then this post is for you.

There are other powerful tools to help you get started and manifest dreams into reality, including manifesting by making magic drawings and together they make up a selection of tools to help you build confidence and competence.

Getting Started with Manifesting Every Day

In the post on how to manifest the life you want, I share some of the early manifesting techniques I used in the early days.

But I don’t discuss the period of time before I started manifesting successfully.

What was it that started me off down the road of trusting the process to bring things into my life?

There are probably many answers to that question, but for the purpose of this post, I want to focus on one simple technique which you can implement immediately into your life.

If you use it consistently, you’ll find yourself thinking differently about the ‘allowing‘ part of manifesting.

So often, when we want something badly, the very fact that it’s important to us can push it away because we don’t step back and ‘allow’. Instead, we think, we worry, we wonder how it could possibly come to us and we generally fuss.

The steps outlined in this post can help to change that.

Laying the Foundations: Manifest Every Day

I was lucky enough to grow up from a very young age hearing about the power of having faith in the Universal Energy, letting go and trusting, and this affected my outlook on life.

It made me feel a certain sense of greater powers and of trusting that there is more to life than we can see.

Apart from that general environment, there was one specific thing which we did in my home all the time which I believe encouraged my ability to believe and therefore attract manifestations.

#1 Specific Manifesting Technique

Whenever somebody in our household lost or misplaced something, they would go to my mum and tell her what they’d lost. She would say her magic rhyme and tell them to set aside their worry and be open for the magic rhyme to lead them to their misplaced item.

The magic rhyme came from my mother’s mother, a Portuguese lady who perhaps thought it was a handy way to pacify a child when they were upset over losing something, especially as it would have been impossible to replace things in her time during the war years.

Or maybe it was part of her culture to trust in the rhyme and she recognised the power of releasing importance.

Regardless of her reasons for using the magic rhyme, she did, and my mother grew up using it also.

So by the time it came to my lifetime, the magic rhyme was treated as an absolute fact.

It wasn’t just something to pacify the children, this was a way to find your misplaced items. If they didn’t turn up with the magic rhyme, then you knew you’d really lost them!

You say the magic rhyme, you add the misplaced item at the end, and then you trust implicitly that the rhyme will lead you to your things.

Children Trust More Naturally

Children have this kind of trust and faith naturally; it’s only as we grow up that we start to overrule simplicity and begin to look for rational, logical explanations for everything.

If we can get back that childish belief in the beauty around us, we are halfway to manifesting our life.

To become powerful at manifesting, trust the universe

Until more recently, I never really appreciated the magic rhyme. I neither gave it importance nor ridicule. It was just something which was useful to use.

But the other day when pondering the very earliest experience with manifesting, I realised it was indeed by using the magic rhyme to manifest my lost items.

And believe me, I’m always losing things, so I’ve had a lot of practice!!

What Is The Magic Rhyme?

The actual magic rhyme was in Portuguese and I assume came from the Catholic faith. By the time it passed down to my mother, it had already been altered from its original version and then down through the next generation with more alterations along the way.

None of us speak Portuguese so the words are a completely fictitious creation, just like in the game of Chinese whispers!

But it isn’t the words that hold the power: it’s the utter belief that it works.

I say something like this:

Queue diaboy stai-de tu frontisimu sacramen dia quesquioisa de alta deaparés!

As you can see, it has absolutely no meaning – beyond the fact that it is magic!

How Does the Magic Rhyme Work?

I believe that this powerful habit works because it removes the stress from you.

As you say the words, you release the importance and the responsibility and you allow your subconscious mind to guide you back to where you were when you last held the item.

Although this is slightly different from manifesting things into your life, it works in a similar way and can help you to build up trust in something which seems ‘illogical’.

Make Your Own Magic Rhyme to Manifest Lost Items

Invent a simple rhyme but keep it to the same words each time and start to practise this powerful exercise. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For example, here’s one I created which you can use if you like, or just write your own.

Throw away my doubts & fears and know that you’ll be found. Nothing is too difficult, nothing too profound. ‘My car keys.’

Car keys

Whenever you lose something, say the rhyme out loud, followed by the item. Then trust that it will appear and carry on.

You can still look for it if you must, but with an inner calm and resolve and trusting your instincts more than your rational brain.

Even when you’re among other people, you can still say the rhyme, quietly, under your breath so that nobody hears it.

I don’t believe there’s anything to be gained by telling people what you’re doing – unless they’re also interested in tuning into their manifesting skills.

This is an inner journey.

When you’ve done it enough times and started to see results, you can begin to tune in to the feeling of trust.

It’s that elusive feeling of knowing which is behind so many successful conscious manifestations.

Focus on How it Feels to Manifest

Saying a magic rhyme may sound like a weak (or maybe ridiculous) activity but as often as not, our inability to let go is actually our blockage to manifesting with success.

By practising this simple activity every time you misplace something, you can slowly build up the ability to let go, because you’re practising it with no consequence to your daily life. There is no attached importance, and that lets things flow.

As you do this more and more often, you’re stacking the evidence needed to change your subconscious beliefs.

And by focusing on the feeling, you’ll be able to apply those same feelings as you progress and begin to manifest larger, more important things in your life.

Use the Magic Rhyme to Manifest a Parking Place

When you’re heading out shopping and you want to find a parking place, say the magic rhyme, followed by ‘parking place’ and then drive to your destination taking for granted that there will be a spot.

When you arrive, if you see that it’s chock-a-block full with no parking space in sight, instead of thinking something along the lines of, ‘huh! I knew it! Of course, it doesn’t work‘, instead think:

Ok, keep my eyes open . . . Feel it in your gut that a car space is going to come available and it will, almost always.

You should also know that it doesn’t work if you test it!

I never say to somebody next to me for example that I (or the rhyme) will manifest a space as though I’m something special or powerful. That would be the quickest way to dissipate the energy and remove the effect.

The result would be no space.

When you manifest a parking space in this way on a busy day, you may well have to drive around, but then suddenly just as you pull alongside, a car will be leaving.

It would be useless for there to be an empty space waiting for you, because another car would just take it, obviously lol!

Start to manifest on a daily basis for a car space - picture of a full car park

Remember that the point of the exercise is to build the energy of trust.

Carry out the exercise in that way. Actually don’t worry about the result. Remove the importance from it. Just go to the parking garage knowing you’ll get a space and you will.

And at the same time, you’re building up your relationship with the energy and trust in manifesting.

Removing importance is one of the many things that makes you powerful at manifesting. It isn’t enough on its own, but it’s an important part of the process.

Manifest Every Day with Small Things First

Once you’ve practised finding lost things and securing parking places, it’s time to start manifesting small things into your life, things which you don’t attach too much importance to.

The reason to start small is so that your subconscious mind doesn’t sabotage the results. If you try to manifest a mansion or a Ferrari, it’s unlikely that your subconscious mind will believe it’s possible and you won’t be in alignment.

So go out there and set your heart on a small thing to come into your life, then draw a magic drawing, say a rhyme and carry on as usual while you allow it to appear.

Remember you can use similar techniques to change any habits you want to change, such as giving up alcohol, becoming vegan, or starting meditation to name just a few.

Part of the power of this technique is to train the subconscious to accept that anything is possible. And after that, to know that you can attract anything into your life if you can just get into alignment and get out of the way.

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