How to Manifest the Life You Want

I’m so excited to share my thoughts with you on how to manifest the life you want. I’ve been using manifesting techniques for the past 20 years or more. In fact I’d go as far as to say that my life is built on one long chain of manifestations.

But there are so many different ways to view manifesting and varied aspects for getting the best results, which I’d like to delve into.

So without further ado, let’s get to it . . .

The Beginnings of How to Manifest the Life You Want

When I used to use this technique in the early days, I hadn’t read anything about manifesting and as far as I’m aware it wasn’t a topic which was widely known or spoken about. It was long before the book the ‘secret’ became popular mainstream reading.

My method was like a bio-feedback system. So if I was seeking a solution to a situation for example, I would think about it and run an inner ‘test’ as I was thinking about the desired result.

If the thought resonated in my solar plexus and the pit of my stomach and in my chest, I knew that the desired result was on its way to me.

Person holding the setting sun in their hands

With that knowledge I could more or less let go of the concern and get on with my life, knowing that what was coming was on its way to me. It was a kind of a test to see if something would be manifested or not, and when I felt the resonance within my body, I knew with certainty that the solution (or whatever it was I was ‘testing’) would appear.

Back then, it never occurred to me that I could affect the result by trying to make it resonate in my chest for example, I just thought I had a way to check up on whether it would be manifested rather than cause it to be manifested.

Using this feedback method had great advantages but it wasn’t the whole picture yet. As I developed more feeling for it I realised that if I could be the causal factor of that shift in energy, I could affect the results, and so I started practising with my thought/energy connection to get to understand it better.

I realised that timing was none of my business and also that I had to trust the method implicitly without asking ‘how‘ something would be achieved. Often the ‘how’ would be something I would never have been able to imagine if I had tried.

I also learned that when something didn’t resonate physically within me, it was often because I had conscious or subconscious negative, limiting beliefs which blocked my ability to attract it, because on a deep level I believed I was unworthy of receiving the result (or similar).

There are so many reasons why something may not be within the radar yet, but once we understand the mechanism, we can investigate the cause of the blockage.

To this day I believe this method is undeniable and 100% accurate.

Start Practising How to Manifest the Life You Want Today

To start off with, practise tuning in to the physical sensations as you imagine an easily achievable goal. Practise imagining something you know you are about to receive vs something which is still way out there, and as you do it, pay attention to the feelings within your gut and chest.

Imagine the first step which will progress you from where you are now. As you tune in, do you feel it resonating within your solar plexus?

Practise imagining real things which are either already yours or that you know are about to come into your life, until you can recognise the feeling of ‘truth’ which comes attached to the mental image.

Next, switch to an unrealistic scenario and notice the absence of physical connection to the mind movie as you play it.

The best discovery of all is that this is not only a bio feedback mechanism but an actual way to put in an order from the universe and manifest the life you want. Step by step, piece by piece.

If you’re having any trouble feeling the difference, or if you have any kind of resistance which is blocking the process of successfully manifesting things into your life, then you may benefit from this post on pre-manifesting techniques.

Does that Mean I Always Get What I Desire?

No, this doesn’t mean I always get what I wish for, because for example, if I close my eyes and imagine that I have a million followers on Youtube (for example), I could watch the internal video but there would be no simultaneous energetic link within my body, resonating within my stomach and chest.

And that video could be played a thousand times without causing the manifestation process to kick in because it would be a mind-based activity. The lack of resonance would show me that that I was still too far from that reality for it to be magnetised.

But if I the empty video I was playing in my mind didn’t resonate, it doesn’t mean it would never become reality, just that the desired result wasn’t ‘on order‘ yet. And that to get closer to that reality, I would need to take steps towards it and thus alter my subconscious beliefs around the topic.

As I am currently not equipped with the knowledge/character/experience etc. to get a million followers on Youtube, it isn’t something I could manifest without first undergoing fundamental changes including, but not limited to, getting passionate about and learning about it.

It is too far from my present mindset for my subconscious mind to believe in.

And that’s the way manifesting works: you can order anything you like as long as it resonates with you. If it is too far from your present vibrations, you can take action to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Closing the Gap when Manifesting the Life You Want

By taking action at this stage, you will progress along the path toward your desired goal and change your perspective as you ‘travel’. It may be that you don’t know enough about the world into which you want to succeed or that you have a journey to take before you can receive your chosen outcome.

But not all journeys will be possible for you, so you can’t just pluck a goal and manifest it. If you choose to be a famous film star when your basic character lacks all the necessary motivation to become an actor, you will not be able to manifest it into your life.

Manifesting works within your own frame of reality and your own deepest beliefs.

If your goal is too far away but you still want to travel toward it, you can adjust your goal to something which is closer to your present moment and just like a chain, you can manifest your way through life.

For example, I could start studying everything possible about Youtube until it resonated with me, if that was the goal I wanted to achieve. But as well as studying, I would also need to alter some fundamental beliefs and learn to ‘be’ the successful Youtuber within my core, before it reflects in the material world.

And I believe that’s why there’s confusion about the action of ‘manifesting’ effortlessly and/or the need for positive action.

Manifesting as an Activity vs Automatic Manifesting

You could argue that everything we see is a result of our manifestation, but I find it helpful to distinguish between the automatic manifestation which is taking place every second of every day and the conscious activity whereby you set your request and allow the universe to deliver.

This activity of manifesting allows you to achieve your heart’s desires without worry and concern for how it will present itself into your life. You basically get out of the way.

I’ve always separated the idea of manifesting something from the practise of building something and by that I mean that conscious manifestation is the planting of the seed and getting out of the way (while simultaneously being active building something for example).

That doesn’t mean that once you’ve sown the seed you sit down and watch TV, but that you take action as the path unfolds before you, trusting that you are travelling in the right direction and that the universe will deliver. The trick is to request something which is within your radar.

When using manifesting as a conscious activity there are various different aspects to take into account.

For example, when you set your eyes on a house and you feel in your gut, as you run the energy test, that this is definitely going to be the kind of house you will shortly manifest into your life to own/rent, then there may not be much more you need to do beyond knowing and trusting the process.

But when your desired outcome is more along the lines of manifesting ‘fame’ or ‘success’ in your business for example, you will need to make sure your activities support your request to the universe. Fame and success are both abstract qualities.

If it resonates deeply within you that you will get those first 1000 followers when you’ve only just started out, you will naturally take action each day to support the desire. And trusting that you are on the right path will speed up your efficacy.

Contrarily, if you want the result but don’t understand anything about the work, and don’t feel motivated or don’t know how to take action, then manifesting the first 1000 followers won’t work. But you will already know that by doing the energy test and finding it to be an ’empty’ video with no attached physical sensations.

In other words, we can’t trick the system.

What Have I Personally Manifested Consciously?

I confess I don’t really like the expression, to say ‘I manifested something. . . ‘ because it implies that the thing or situation or set of events came into existence because of me (or the person who’s manifesting) when in reality that’s just not true.

When I manifest something it feels more like I’m aligned with the seed of it and trusting enough to step out of the way to allow it to appear to me. So the thing existed already but I needed to allow it to come into MY reality at the right moment – and then it can be called ‘manifested’. It isn’t ME doing it so it isn’t really correct to say that I manifested something.

But I will, just for simplicity of communication.

Given the constraints of using language for the purpose of understanding, I guess I have to use the expression as most people use it and say that ‘I manifested it… ‘ much as it goes against my grain.

Here are a few of the things I’ve consciously participated in manifesting in my lifetime . . .

How to Manifest the Life You Want: Manifesting Three Houses

Each house story is long, but the condensed version is that I consciously manifested the house I live in now, the house I bought before that and also the house I rented before that, using the system I’m describing in this post.

Meaning that on each occasion I had a desire/specific requirement which I recognised, drew a magic drawing in my sketch book, ran through the energy body test and upon receiving positive results, stepped out of the story and left it up to ‘destiny/fate’ to deliver.

On all three occasions the properties came in the most random and most unlikely and fascinating of ways! And it’s worth noting that on none of the three occasions did I have the necessary funds for the houses.

What this system really brings you is peace of mind. You feel it in your core and you set aside the practical issues of how to achieve something. You let it flow in the way it chooses.

If you would be interested to know the specific details of these stories, let me know in the comments!

How to Manifest the Life You Want: Solutions to Situations

I’ve manifested countless solutions to situations when I could see no human way out.

I’ve turned the problem over to the universe many a time, knowing through feeling that the solution will come, yet not knowing the exact form the solution would take.

By trusting that it would appear (not always an easy feat when you’re worried about a situation), and allowing it to materialise.

Girl looking up at sky with hands clasped together

Solution to Situations 1 – Turning My Life Around from Rock Bottom

I was totally broke, with a mortgage to pay, no income benefit, unable to work due to an accident, going through separation to divorce, almost at the end of my reasoning mind when I turned it over to the universe by using magic drawings and manifesting techniques as well as reading everything I could get my hands on to try to heal myself.

There was no logical way out of the situation I was in. No solution which I could see and no way forward.

Yet the solutions to my situation came into my reality one by one, exactly in keeping with my magic drawing, until I found myself on a new path which fit with my ‘requested’ solution and everything which I had drawn in my magic drawing became fulfilled.

There was no way I could have dreamed up a way forward. I had to let it present itself to me.

Manifesting in this way doesn’t mean that your pain suddenly vanishes or that your mental anguish instantly evaporates. This won’t stop you from feeling human grief, but what it does is take one piece of the problem away from your plate.

You still keep actively doing and being and participating in life. In the example given above, I kept looking at property I would like to buy even though I was completely broke and in debt, I kept searching for new job opportunities online even though I couldn’t walk and I regularly stretched my mind into the areas of ‘where would I like to be‘ and imagining my new reality.

I read books and stimulated my inner belief system to believe that I could and would pull through this difficult time.

And then the future walked into my life and my life began to shift. I believe that the intensity of my emotions at that time acted to make the manifestations more powerful as there was very little delay between the miracles/synchronicities which began to march into my life and the time when I began to sow the seeds.

Solution to a Situation 2: Difficult Tenants

More recently I had an extremely stressful situation with some tenants who rented our apartment and it transpired that they were extremely difficult tenants to have, to put it mildly.

Not only were they known for non-payment, not only did they wreck everything they touched and have the police called out on various occasions but they also did terrible things in their private lives which I will not go into here.

I was at a loss. What could I do? I am not someone who sits easy with making a family homeless but possibly even more stressful than that, I was scared to serve them their notice. Scared because they would become squatters and scared because I would make enemies of people who you do not want to have as enemies. I didn’t know what to do.

So I decided to tune in to my inner energy and send a request for a solution. I pictured the house empty and I imagined the family smiling, to represent a good solution rather than just an empty house (which could be achieved through horrible means too).

And then I tried to let it go.

About 2 weeks later I received a phone call that the sewage was blocked in the house and with a feeling of dread I called out the insurance and a company to clear the problem. It turned out the family was filling the pipes with wet wipes.

At this point I had no idea that my request was being fulfilled. I just felt burdened by problems. But then came the second call that the problem was still occurring.

And after many phone calls and call-outs, the sewage clearance company told me that they would have to dig up the kitchen floor (Spanish tiling throughout).

And then the penny dropped.

Thank you universe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I spoke to the family and explained that the problem was severe and that they would need to find somewhere else to live as it would require re-tiling the whole of the kitchen floor.

The very next day I received an extremely friendly phone call that they had found somewhere to move to and would be moving the same day.

O.M.G. How amazing is life when it helps you in this way!

Manifest the Life You Want: a New Relationship

Before I met my husband I imagined the person who was ‘out there’ and I specified a few things while leaving much open so as to not restrict the results.

I felt excited to meet my future partner and was astounded when he was brought into my reality by a series of incredible and astonishing synchronicities which you couldn’t have invented had you tried.

Manifest the life you want
You can manifest people into your life.

Manifest the Life You Want: Manifesting Money

I’ve manifested sums of money despite the fact that I used to have a deeply ingrained negative associations with being wealthy so my inner belief system blocked me from feeling aligned with large sums of wealth.

In alignment with this, I found it easier to manifest a sum of money for a specific situation, in other words as a solution to a situation, rather than huge amounts of wealth for its own sake.

Bit by bit I unravelled the layers of negative associations, stripping them off one by one.

Among other examples, one day a few years ago, I drew a magic drawing of a project which we wanted to do but didn’t have the finance for, and I felt it resonate as I imagined the project along with a large sum of money to cover the costs.

I spent a few days and evenings visualising this and feeling the resonance within.

Then, just a week or so after that, my husband received an unexpected payment out of the blue, which covered our project exactly. The timing was incredible.

While for the universe money is no more difficult to manifest than anything else, for us as people it can be the hardest thing because when you imagine money, what actually are you imagining?

If you imagine a new car, you can better manifest the car.

So when you want to manifest money, try to be aware of the undercurrents going on within you. If you really resonate with a wealthy lifestyle then you can go ahead and manifest that million in just the same way you can manifest a promotion, new love in your life or a desired outcome to a situation.

Manifesting the Life You Want Will Reduce Your Stress

There have been countless times in my life when I’ve been unable to see what I should do, so instead of worrying and panicking, I imagine myself peaceful and free of the ‘issue’ whatever it may be.

To do this you need to imagine something that specifically demonstrates the absence rather than just trying to imagine the absence, which would be difficult.

So for example, instead of trying to imagine that the terrible bully has evaporated from your life, imagine yourself pouring a coffee at the place where this problem person usually is, and then see yourself turning to look all round the room.

The bully is nowhere to be seen and you imagine yourself smiling and chatting with other co-workers, for example.

If the problem is a lack of money, instead of imagining money, picture the thing you need to buy/pay for as being already paid.

When I have a problem which I can’t fix, I wait until it resonates within and then I release it.

I don’t know what the solution will be or where it will come from, but I know it’s on request so I can take a step back from the worry chair and let it sort itself out.

How to Manifest Results in Business

I don’t actually use the manifesting techniques directly for business results but I do use them to guide my direction and general goals.

The concepts for visualising success are more vague in business than they are in our personal lives, (or at least for me that’s true), and that can make them harder to resonate with.

I don’t normally know what I want to do in business, so I don’t try to manifest it! But I do know the lifestyle I want to live, so I’ll focus more on that.

Also, we can’t manifest our will over the will of others. So while you can manifest the love of your life to come to you or the dreaded boss to leave you alone, you aren’t actually making them behave differently, you’re just changing your own energy and therefore attracting different results.

While someone who is financially challenged can manifest a bigger house with relative ease, someone who has no flare/interest/ability in their job etc. will probably not be able to magically create success in business – unless it’s in alignment with them at a core level.

We will achieve whatever we achieve always in relation to our current place of being (mentally, our level of knowledge, our ability to inspire others, capability to open up and share etc. etc.) so it wouldn’t really work to try and order a result which wasn’t a reflection of where we are at with ourselves.

So if I want to create a result in business, I will focus on manifesting the small steps. I will also practise my inner visions of the long term ‘feeling’ where I want to be with the ‘success’ I am seeking.

It can be much more difficult with these concepts partly because if it’s something we haven’t experienced before, we might not be able to resonate with it as our imagery falls short and our energetic wiring senses that it is not ‘true‘.

When I close my eyes I can’t imagine with true feeling what it would feel like to have a million readers, so I don’t try to manifest it. I do resonate with a path of growth however, which leads me to a place of fulfilment – and that is continually manifesting and unfolding in my life.

By knowing how you want to feel in your newly manifested reality, without necessarily knowing which specific business goals you’re aiming for, you can close the gap between you and what you want to manifest.

And if you pay attention along the way, there are so many small steps which are are manifesting whether it be consciously or unconsciously, to move you along the chain-linked results we call reality in the direction you want to go.

Does Persistence Bring Results When Manifesting in Business?

Not giving up can be an important factor, but only if it’s accompanied by the inner knowledge and resonance that you’re on the right path.

If you can sense the resonance in your solar plexus when you think about what you’re doing, then never give up.

But by the same measure, some people will constantly struggle and fight to get better results in a job which they don’t love. They desire the results as though the results were separate from the body of work.

And that just isn’t the case.

Plus, that’s where the confusion can arise between manifesting being easy or needing hard work. The manifesting is easy but the personal journey to get to the moment of manifesting may push you out of your comfort zone.

Don't give up

During the whole process you may check in on your bio resonance system to check that you’re on the right path.

As you journey through the inner changes which occur as you set up your business, you may suddenly find that the idea of greater success resonates more deeply within and that you are ready to put in your request.

Manifesting a Home or Other Physical Possessions

When it’s an actual item we wish to manifest, it’s a similar process but simpler.

Imagine you see a house become available along the street which you know is absolutely perfect for you to rent/buy for your home. So you imagine yourself living in that property and run it through your energetic body to see the results.

If the scenario resonates deeply within you, regardless of your physical or economical situation at that moment, you can know that the property will become yours. (You won’t know how long it will take.)

You don’t need to know how it will become yours, you just need to trust that it will. Remember, we don’t manifest what we deserve, we manifest what we are resonating with at that time.

Using Manifesting to Help You Achieve a Vegan Lifestyle

When you want to change your life, whether it be to attract more physical possessions, wealth, friendship or love, similar guidelines apply.

You have to align yourself with the desired result before you can attract it to you.

And the same is true for changing lifestyle habits or addictions. If you take the time to align yourself with the new you living the new life of your desires, then you can attract that lifestyle to you with ease.

I used a similar type of conscious manifesting activity when I made the choice to change my relationship with alcohol. The first step, which lasted for years, was to practice seeing myself living a healthy alcohol-free lifestyle and feeling excited by it. Loving it. Resonating with it.

I had to remove layer upon layer of conditioning which I had built up over the years. In the beginning, when I imagined myself not drinking, it far from resonated as a positive thing. So I practised thinking and imagining and playing with changing my inner beliefs around the topic.

Finally, I could imagine myself raising a glass of fizzy water, hiking, progressing in yoga, blogging and being extremely happy, and as I did so, I felt it resonate deeply within.

At that point, I had closed the gap between where I had been and where I wanted to go and removed the cognitive dissonance. The next step was to give up drinking alcohol entirely so that I could really break with my old associations and manifest a healthy, joyous lifestyle – without the evening bottle of wine. And without struggle.

After one year almost completely alcohol free, I shifted my inner goal to be an occasional drinker, which is how I am now.

If you’re interested in cutting down on alcohol, I wrote about that journey in my posts on giving up drinking alcohol, how to change your relationship with alcohol and tips on giving up alcohol more easily, a series of three related posts to help you achieve a profound inner shift in the way you view drinking.

You may choose to apply the techniques to achieve a vegan lifestyle, to regain health, lose weight, get fit or take up yoga.

With any of these goals, you will need to put in the time, or in other words do the related activity to achieve the results, but by using the manifesting approach you can gain more confidence and know that your goal is on its way to you as you feel it resonating within.

And that takes away the struggle.

Negative Thoughts & Manifesting

Many people think that you have to battle with your negative thoughts so as to avoid them manifesting into reality.

But I don’t believe it works like that. Of course if you have a strong negative voice, you will be affecting everything in your day, from the way you view the world to the way you get received.

But with regard to conscious manifesting, when we’re busy with our critical mind or playing negative inner images over and over, we’re hooked up on a brain-level. You know that feeling: oh dear round and round we go? It’s very much in the head.

If you attach the emotions of fear to those negative movie reels, then they could hold the power to manifest, though it won’t be instant and will not be as powerful as the counter (positive) thoughts. So brief moments of fear won’t instantly send your nightmares into your reality.

It’s not to say that you can’t manifest things you don’t want, because you absolutely can. But not instantly from those negative poppers that claim your brain time on a daily basis.

You will manifest things you don’t want, when you resonate with them at your core.

What If. . .

What if I had done more; what if I had met someone who had brought something helpful to the table . . . what If. . . what if. . . what if. . . but the truth is always what IS.

And what WAS in that moment in the past was the way it was.

When you look back on th past, don’t think What if I had done something differently? because whatever didn’t come into your reality, didn’t present itself because you weren’t ready.

Conclusion to Manifesting the Life You Want

I’ve released so many of my inner inhibitions and at the same time learnt to accept and embrace the fact that some of them are a part of me. There are certain aspects of my character/belief structure which will block certain results and that’s fine by me.

I don’t try to manifest that a zebra should become a goat or turn a lion into a leopard. And that’s where some people get mixed up. They think that they can turn a sheep into a ship and sail away into the sunset.

Manifesting, for me is all about ease.

It’s about releasing the fear and the worry and allowing the path to unfold. It’s about understanding that when things appear to go wrong they’re actually happening for a reason (I’m not talking about tragedy but more about unexpected knock-backs).

They will ultimately spur you forward or teach you a valuable lesson or bring the perfect person into your life to show you the way.

And so the tide brings you exactly what you need right when you’re ready for it. But sometimes, we want to receive it earlier or we have doubts about which way to go.

Separate those doubts from your confidence in manifesting.

The doubts are concerned with your unfolding self and where you are at any given moment, while manifesting is concerned with pulling into your reality that which you are ready to receive.

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and give it a go. Trust me, it works.

Can you feel the resonance in your core when you practice this type of visualisation?

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    Brilliant blog! How often do you use manifesting to attract things you want?

    • Soraya
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      That’s a great question! On one level we’re all using the laws of manifesting all the time, without realising it. And regarding conscious manifesting techniques, I’ll always have an on-going goal which is held within my solar plexus energy and something I will visualise frequently, perhaps at night before I go to sleep. I also approach my life in a way which includes manifesting small things on a regular, if not daily basis.

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