How to Stay Grounded While Manifesting

Do you know how to stay grounded while manifesting your desires?

Being grounded is similar to receiving a guarantee; it’s a kind of reassurance that your request is on its way to you.

So, if you don’t always succeed when you set out to manifest something, this technique can help you.

If you want to change something in your life, first you need to become that person.

Remove any doubt about the results.

Get internal certainty.

It’s about not overthinking things.

It’s about being secure and positive while at the same time, allowing.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Does it Mean to be Grounded While Manifesting?

When we desire something, there are different types of desire.

We may have that ‘Oh how I wish I were . . . ‘ kind of desire. Or maybe we daydream about winning the lottery or get into passionate conversations about ‘what we would do’ if we were to win the lottery.

It may be that we sit in front of the fire and imagine having somebody there next to us to share our life with.

All these kinds of desires aren’t grounded. They’re a type of wishing, dreaming fairy-tale scenario that we don’t actually believe, we just think it would be nice to have.

These kinds of dreams don’t create action on our part, other than the imagining of the scenario. They don’t invoke feelings other than the fantasy-land feeling of escaping reality.

When we manifest, however, our desire is something completely different. We step into the shoes of another version of ourselves, a version that already has what we desire.

We get so familiar with our desire that we feel as though it’s already ours.

We give gratitude for the desire before it’s even arrived in our reality.

And when we’re doing all of these things, we feel grounded and attached from our core to the result. And that can be a great way to run a check-in on your upcoming manifestations.

Are you grounded? Can you feel them?

How Can I Know Whether I’m Grounded While Manifesting?

When you first think of your desire, it probably pops up in your conscious mind. What a great idea it would be to do X, or to meet Y, or to have Z.

At that point, it’s just an idea, with no roots. But as you show your subconscious mind that this really is the right thing for you, and when your subconscious mind is in alignment, then you get a connection from deep within your core.

You can test this out right now. Close your eyes and think of something which you know you’re going to have, or something that’s going to happen, tomorrow.

Explore how the sensation is connected to within your heart and/or gut.

Take a moment to feel it.

Next, imagine something ridiculous, like you being the pilot of a Boeing 747 tomorrow. As you imagine the story, it will be taking place in your head but not in your core.

It may take some time and practice this before you can feel the difference, but it’s worth becoming aware of this form of bio-feedback.

Create Your Tram Tracks

Regardless of whether you can sense the root feeling within or not, this is a technique that can help you to reinforce and strengthen the grounded feeling and therefore the success of your manifestation requests.

When you set out to manifest something and you’ve taken the starting steps, think of it as though you’ve put your life onto tram tracks.

So no matter what happens next, you know that your life is heading in that direction. toward destination B. Because that’s where the tram tracks go.

The great thing about knowing this is that it gives you so much certainty that you become more resilient if you meet challenges along the way.

If you’re sitting on a tram and it has to stop unexpectedly, you don’t assume that you won’t make it to your destination. You just wait until it starts to move again.

And the same is true in life. If you hit a diversion or delay, you’re still on track. And you know it.

And this knowing makes you make different choices. You stem from a different energy.

Because you know where you’re headed.

Video of How to Stay Grounded While Manifesting

Summary of Steps for Successful Manifesting While Being Grounded

Here is a summary of the steps you can follow to manifest your desires effectively.

  1. Consciously decide on your goal/desire.
  2. Create alignment with your subconscious beliefs by exposing your subconscious mind to plenty of repetitive evidence that this is the best option for you.
  3. See yourself as being on a tram-track which ultimately ends at your chosen destination. It doesn’t matter what happens between this point and that finishing point, as you know where you’re heading.
  4. Check in with your core, your gut and your solar plexus. They should feel connected and grounded as you envision your desired outcome.
  5. Practice gratitude for your result, as though you already had it in your life.
  6. Go about your life as normal but with extra attention to all the opportunities which present themselves and take action when they do.

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How to Think of Manifesting

We all know that you can think of manifestations as getting into vibrational alignment with your desire so that the universe delivers it to you.

The law of attraction tells us that you don’t get what you want, you get who you are.

So you can think of manifesting as a magical way to attract what you want into your life.

Or you can think of it in a more practical way – that when you truly believe in your subconscious mind, conscious mind, heart and gut that you’re going to produce a result, your actions are far more super-powered and your actions alone can get you to that result.

Personally, I believe that both are true.

In my experience, there’s way more power to manifesting than just my actions alone.

Especially if I think back to when I started out and I’d never heard of the word ‘Manifesting’ or the law of attraction.

I used to check whether something was coming into my reality by checking in with my gut. And if it resonated, I knew it was for me.

This system always told the truth.

Back then, the earliest results I got didn’t come about because of any action on my part. Because back then I was a passive manifester!

I didn’t realise I could actively create the change. I would try something and if I felt grounded, I knew it was happening.

Fast forward several years and I got busy with more intentional manifesting, using the techniques I share here in my blog on also in my videos.

So you’ve done everything, set it all in place and now you close your eyes and you imagine what it is you’re manifesting.

Silently ask yourself these questions: Does it feel normal? Can you sense the connection between your gut, heart and conscious mind?

If it does, congratulations! Your new reality is on order. The Amazing Universe will deliver.

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