Hello my friends!


Whether you’re already vegan and looking for inspiration or just starting out, here you’ll find the tools & inspiration for creating easy, nutritious, vegan meals from simple ingredients. By eating this way you can be healthier than ever – whether or not that’s your primary goal, and live a life in accordance with peaceful living.

The name Love Vegan Living:

  • Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and what most uplifts our soul.
  • Vegan represents respect for all life and practising peaceful living with non-violence.
  • And Life is everything we know and the most incredible phenomena in existence.

You can change whatever you want in your own life, body & soul. And if you ever worry about having to give something up, just know that you never have to give anything up because whatever you do, you do it by choice.

I travelled a long path to recover my health when I was gluten intolerant, and to be honest, if there had been someone who’d already experienced what I was going through, who was also vegan and eating real foods, then I’m sure they could have helped me to make my path back to health much, much faster.

As well as the gluten free journey, there’s the menopause journey which I’m going through right now, learning all the time. Learning things that can hopefully help someone else to feel better!

Embracing a vegan lifestyle will bring a whole new energy and satisfaction to your life. Would you like to stop supporting the cruelty that goes on in the name of the food industry?

Personally, I can’t believe the pain and suffering that’s allowed in the meat, leather and dairy industries and if you feel the same, then going vegan will bring you untold pleasures.

Dry and barren earth with sunset on horizon
Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Another important reason for going vegan is the destruction of our planet as by choosing a vegan lifestyle you can help to offset the devastating effects on our environment.

From a health perspective, it’s also incredible (and unacceptable) the manipulation in the food industry, with hidden sugars, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals added, which you would never consciously chose to eat.

By becoming a more conscious consumer you can break free, to a certain extent, from that manipulation.

It’s also important to do lots of reading and visit vegan sites that can continue to inspire and educate, like Peta for example, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Peta is one of the most important vegan resources out there, but there are also lots of smaller sites which are equally inspiring.

5Vegan is a great site of vegan resources and if you sign up, you’ll receive a newsletter with links to 5 vegan articles.

And if you haven’t seen the vegan videos, I really recommend watching them. Cowspiracy, What the Health, Gamechangers, Vegucated and Earthlings are just a few among others which can reveal the shocking truth and the options we have going forward.

Love Vegan Living is here in the hope to facilitate that journey of change as we grow into a more compassionate society and embrace our vegan lifestyle or a lifestyle including ethical choices and more plant based recipes.

This is a place for us to share our common respect and awe for the universe, including all life forms within it, animal, plant or aquatic.

Welcome to Love Vegan Life.

Feel free to make contact to say hi!

Be blessed, be happy and give some joy to someone today.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash