Hello my friend!

Welcome! So, now I’m going to explain the reason Love Vegan Living came to life. Here we go!

To make a long story short, it was because I love, love, love this wonderful journey called life as a vegan, and with so many benefits for my soul and my body, I really want to help anyone else who wants to feel this too.

You can change whatever you want to change in your own life and body. It won’t be a simple matter of doing something and getting something in return the next minute, but it will be a simple journey, of gradual change which brings super rewards along the way.

And one thing I really want to say, if you ever think that you like something too much to give it up, just know that you never have to give anything up because whatever you do, you do it by choice. You choose to adopt new things in this vegan lifestyle change, not to give up things!

You could say that I gave up smoking once. But it just wouldn’t be accurate, because I don’t want to smoke anymore. So how can it be called giving up? I don’t feel like I’m missing out, I don’t feel like I want it, so I’m absolutely NOT giving something up. I just don’t want it so I don’t do it.

I’m gaining not losing something!

And so it is with a vegan lifestyle . . .

Your taste buds change with every alteration you make to your diet.

I mean for example, if you cut out refined sugars from your diet, you’ll find all your cravings for those foods dissipate. Suddenly you don’t crave those pizzas/burgers anymore.


Because the food you thought you loved was actually just your body craving the sugar/salt etc which you’d got used to ingesting!

I’ve modified and altered what I eat so many times, and every time, my taste buds respond by changing. If you cut out processed foods, suddenly pure veggies explode with flavour on your taste buds. And that’s just one example.

I could go on with other examples because the list is so much longer.

And it’s the same with your health.

If you have a chronic health problem and you alter your lifestyle, you’ll reap the rewards.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like taking a paracetamol, where it instantly covers up your symptoms; no it’s much more profound than that. You make (great) changes to your diet and stick with it, and slowly but surely you’ll see the changes in your health.

I travelled a long path to recover my health when I was gluten intolerant, and to be honest, if there had been someone who’d already experienced what I was going through, who was also vegan and eating real foods, then I’m sure they could have helped me to make my path back to health much, much faster.

I’ve had many journeys.

As well as the gluten free journey, there’s the menopause journey which I’m going through right now: I’m learning all the time! Learning things that can hopefully help someone else to feel better!

And that’s what I want to do now. To help others achieve their dreams.

Embracing a vegan lifestyle (whether it be 100% or to a degree) will bring a whole new energy and satisfaction to your life. I want you to achieve that.

Would you like to eat more plant-based meals without having to buy expensive vegan processed foods? And would you like to stop the cruelty that goes on in the name of the food industry?

Maybe you’re here because you love animals and want to reduce your meat intake.

Dry and barren earth with sunset on horizon
Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

Or perhaps it’s because of the crisis to the planet as we cause mass destruction in our wake and the fact that by choosing a vegan lifestyle you can directly help mitigate the devastating effects of the meat and dairy industry on the planet.

On another level, I think it’s incredible (and unacceptable) the amount of manipulation which goes on in the food industry, with hidden sugars, antibiotics, hormones and chemicals added, which you would never consciously chose to eat.

By becoming a more conscious consumer you can break free, to a certain extent, from that manipulation.

Once we wake up to the reality and once we realise that we’re directly supporting the cruelty by consuming the products and contributing to consumer demand, then we can begin to feel empowered.

We have a vote, and we should use it. As we realise our strength, we begin to ignite a deep thirst to discover more of the ‘truth’ which has so far been veiled by the mirage of what could be described as mass-mindwashing (by all of us and no-one in particular).

Love Vegan Living is here in the hope to be able to facilitate that journey of change as we grow into a more compassionate society and embrace our vegan lifestyle or a lifestyle including ethical choices and more plant based recipes.

This is a place for us to share our common respect and awe for the universe, including all life forms within it, animal, plant or aquatic.

Welcome to Love Vegan Life.

Why the name? Well, Love is the most important thing in the our emotional library. Vegan represents respect for all life and practising non-violence. And Life is everything we know.

Feel free to make contact to say hi!

Be blessed, be happy and give some joy to someone today.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash