Mindset Coaching to Achieve Your Goals

Are you wondering whether mindset coaching works? Will it fit you? Do you feel sceptical and want to investigate further?

Well, if so, this article is for you!

In this post, I’m going to answer some of the questions I get asked most often about coaching as I share my understanding of its incredible power.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

First of all . . .

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset coaching is a form of personal development which focuses on using intentional thinking to reframe negative beliefs so that we can replace them with empowering thoughts and create the outcomes we desire.

There are so many ways we can create a new reality, but often we get used to giving away our power to people around us, to the stories in our head, our past experiences or deeply held negative beliefs.

When we recognise how we can alter our reality by becoming conscious of what we’re choosing to think, then we can transform our experience of life.

Mindset coaching helps us to discover our deeply-held limiting beliefs and recognise which ones are negatively impacting our reality, giving us poor(er) results.

For example, maybe we want to unlock our potential for success, yet every day we wake up with the same feeling of frustration.

Or perhaps we’ve been seeking another particular goal (like more joy, harmony, wealth, a new vocation or someone to share our lives with) but it never arrives.

We may even find ourselves wondering whether it’s time to give up on our dreams because we feel so despondent.

But mostly, it isn’t about giving up. It’s about reframing. Trying something different. Approaching the problem with a different attitude.

In many situations, our issues may stem from a lack of self-love, which may show up as not being able to fully accept and love our body, for example.

In these and other situations, a mindset coach can help us rediscover our own innate power and create our success.

Mindset coaching focuses on your desired future outcome and positive transitioning – we don’t go down the rabbit hole of analysing our wounds from the past, though they may naturally come up during a session.

Those emotions and beliefs are then transformed into positive ones to fuel a new future that is more in alignment with what you wish for yourself.

Mindset coaching can be applied to all fields of life, from excelling in our private lives to achieving our career goals or creating more wealth and abundance, to name just a few.

For a more in-depth look at this topic, you might like to read the article What is mindset coaching?

What Area of Mindset Coaching Do I Offer Specifically?

I can help you to achieve your goals and create the life of your dreams.

Together we unravel your subconscious limiting beliefs and transform them into more empowering thoughts.

This often but not exclusively, relates to topics such as . . .

I believe in my clients’ ability to create the life they want 100%. I’m here for my clients, seeing their greatest potential and supporting them as they create their desired outcomes.

Coaching can help shift something that was stuck, and that will have a knock-on effect on the other areas of your life.

It can bring you peace of mind.

I trust in the process 100% because I know first-hand just how powerful it is – we truly can transform our lives no matter what our starting point.

How Can Mindset Coaching Benefit Me?

  • You will feel completely supported to explore and elevate your journey.
  • You can shift almost anything.
  • If you have an area of your life which you want to improve, coaching will help you get the results you want.
  • You really can have your dreams.

Imagine yourself, sitting by the beach/fire/with the family/with your partner feeling completely confident and in alignment. You feel joy and abundance within and you know that you have the life that you want to have.

How would that feel for you?

That’s what coaching brings you.

Or maybe you dream of breaking an addictive habit or crushing a craving. We can do that. It becomes easy to change behaviour once you change the thought behind it.

Goodbye cravings, adios addictions, hello inner joy, hola abundance!

This is the power of coaching.

Your mindset coach is there for you 100%, always looking out for your best interests while following your chosen path of advancement.

Is Mindset Coaching Right for Me?

Anyone open-minded about coaching will benefit from having mindset coaching with me but to be 100% sure that we’re a fit, we always have a first free call.

I also offer a first-month satisfaction guarantee because I want all my clients to be completely blown away and I trust in the process. I know it works.

I wouldn’t want it any other way because it’s essential to have a feeling of trust and connection and we both need to be confident that we’re going to be able to thrive in our partnership.

If you feel you could do with some support or if you have a desire to change something in your life, whether it be something tangible (creating a more healthy lifestyle or giving up alcohol for example) or whether it’s less tangible (feeling as though you could be happier in life for example) then coaching is worth investigating.

It may even be that you’ve tried to make changes yourself but found yourself giving up on your dreams too easily.

And that’s understandable. Because when we’re on our own, we have subconscious programs which run and self-propagate and repeat themselves on a loop.

So until we recognise them, we always behave according to our software. Changing our software becomes easier with the help of coaching.

Of course, each coach is an individual and just as in any other relationship, you need to resonate with your coach.

If it’s a match, then the magic happens.

And when the magic happens, it can be a life-changing investment in yourself.

How Does Mindset Coaching Differ from Other Forms of Coaching or Therapy?

Focus and Goals

Mindset coaching focuses on identifying and reframing our limiting beliefs so that we can develop a more empowered mindset to achieve our goals.

We all have limiting beliefs and we all run stories through our minds every day. It isn’t that there’s something ‘wrong’ it’s just that we want to investigate and really choose which thought patterns help us and which don’t.

Therapy, on the other hand, is more focused on emotional and psychological issues, past traumas, unresolved conflicts or mental health concerns. The goal is to help the individual heal and improve mental well-being.

While there may be some similarities, a mindset coach doesn’t promise any form of medical treatment. We offer complete support and a process which helps our client become more aware of their own thought patterns.

A life coach helps find ways to empower you to make better choices and create more desirable results in your life.

Timeline Focus

Mindset coaching focuses primarily on the present moment and the future results.

It empowers you to make positive changes in your life by uncovering thoughts and beliefs which lead to those unwanted behaviours (like believing smoking is cool for example, or believing you’re not worthy of wealth).

Therapy, on the other hand, can be more focused on the past events themselves to understand the root cause of emotional and psychological issues with the goal of healing.

What Can I Expect During a Mindset Coaching Session with You?

Each session is individual so the best way to answer this question would be to hop on a free call and check it out.

At the end of the call, you are free to decide whether it’s something you want to continue with or not.

In this first call, we will have a chat about what it is you’d like to achieve.

You can transform your life!

How Long Does Mindset Coaching Typically Last?

The length of the sessions varies from coach to coach, but I like to dedicate an hour to each session.

The minimum package I offer is 3 months, though normally at least 6 months is recommended and many people may choose to opt for the year package.

What’s Your Coaching Philosophy?

It is my belief that we can all achieve so much more once we work with a coach to unlock our hidden potential and appreciate ourselves for who we truly are.

So often, our wings are cut because we worry about what other people think of us (often subconsciously).

Or we live our present time through the filter of past events.

Recognising our progress and the positive angle in every situation is a huge part of my philosophy, as well as nurturing self-love, self-confidence and self-respect.

In order to progress through the obstacles in our lives, we can all benefit from having someone who truly believes in us and who sees our potential.

That is who I am in each coaching situation – the person who recognises your value and sees your potential.

Please get in touch with any further questions or drop them in the comments below and I will get back to you a.s.a.p.

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