15 Signs That You Give Up Too Easily

What are the signs that you give up too easily? How can you know whether you should persevere that smidgen longer?

Or has the moment arrived when you ask yourself the tough question: should I give up on my dreams?

Maybe you dream of greater things in life but they never seem to deliver.

Frustrating, right?

I know, I’m the same. We’re all the same, just to varying degrees – except those super-humans among us who refuse to give up, like ever.

It’s not our fault. It’s not your fault. It’s definitely not the fault of being weak or anything like that.

And just as we can look for signs that we don’t love ourselves, we can also check whether we give up too easily.

But if we aren’t great-big-fat-failures, why do we give up too easily?


We’ve been living with the wrong programming. We’ve been programmed to give up. And just like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more we obey the programming, the stronger the program runs.

So we get stuck in it.

And if you keep on doing what you’ve always done, chances are, you’ll keep on giving up.

And it sucks, because how can we make progress if we chuck in the towel when things aren’t going our way?

But hold on to your horses – all is not lost.

We can re-program our response to our triggers, once we get aware of them.

The problem is, nobody ever tells us this. Nobody says you don’t have to be the way you are. You can choose to run a different program.

The secret is in the subconscious mind. And you CAN unlock it.

Yeah, put away your harsh-self-judgement and slide into some boxing gloves. Cos it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get dirty. It’s time to thrash this out.

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15 Signs that You Give Up Too Easily

When we are giver-uppers or quitters, we like to skedaddle when the going gets tough. But we’re not normally aware of it. Here are 10 behavioural signs which we quitters tend to share.

How many of them are true for you?

  • We tell ourselves stories and make excuses in our heads. We’re not good enough, not young enough, not tall enough, not strong enough or not clever enough. If you say any of these stories to yourself, chances are you’re cutting yourself short. Big time.
  • If we look back over our life, we see that we’ve almost never started a new project or actively tried to improve the things we weren’t happy with in our life. We think that’s just the way it is.
  • Or, we look back and see that we’ve started lots of new projects at regular intervals but never stuck any of them out. We were filled with excitement at the beginning of each one, busy dazzling everybody about our amazing plans to recreate the world, only to fall out of love and switch over to another plan the following month.
  • We believe we have to be perfect and anything less-than-perfect makes us feel uncomfortable. So instead of starting something new and thrashing it out, we decide to stop. Because we don’t think we’re good enough (read: perfect) at it.
  • When we sense a struggle looming, it makes us fear our own failure. We might have joined various clubs or activities, only to stop after a short time because we didn’t smash it. We are scared of failing.
  • When we see success, we believe that person had it easy – you know the drill, they were definitely handed many more lucky breaks than we’ve ever had. That’s for sure.
  • We feel fear when we think about the unknown, about being criticised, about failing or about being ridiculed. Basically, we respond too much to fear.
  • Our phone (or iPad or laptop) becomes a great source of instant distraction and procrastination.
  • We give away our power to somebody else, relying on them to tell us what to do. Responsibility? Me? I just do what I’m told. So we struggle to be proactive in our free time.
  • Secretly, we harbour the belief that somebody will come into our life to talent-spot us, save us, or just downright recognise-at-long-last how wonderful we truly are.
  • Negative feedback takes us offside. Instead of hearing and accepting it, we feel like we’ve been attacked.
  • We mistakenly believe that we don’t need other people. We act as an island instead of a team leader.
  • The results attract us more than the journey.
  • We don’t keep a journal or spend any time thinking about how to conquer our hurdles.
  • We don’t truly love ourselves (this is the biggest).

What to do if You Give Up too Easily?

Can I be brutally honest with you?

Doesn’t matter what you say, I’m going to be . . . because someone has to.

And because tough love’s the only thing that can save us. That, or a Grand Crisis on a full life scale shatters us, wakes us up and shakes us to the core.

You see, when you come close to the core, a shock, a disaster, a sudden change in your trajectory, then your perception shifts. And that shift alters your programming.

But you don’t want to wait for a crisis, do you?

No, I wouldn’t think so.

Then we have to be the crises ourselves. We have to shake ourselves up and give ourselves a boot up the backside. This is OUR LIFE we’re talking about!

We are capable of so much more! I’m not talking about a million-euros-in-an-hour kind of change, no I’m talking about the kind of shift which happens every-single-moment-of-every-single-day, and gradually, when taken over time, produces new results.

Ask yourself, Am I happy with my life strategy at the moment? I mean sure, some people are doing great and living life to the full. But I can hazard a guess that right now you’re wondering why you haven’t lived more, seen more, done more or loved more.

Why your life doesn’t reflect your inner dreams.

How do I know?

Because that’s our story when we give up too easily. We wait for the train to come in. We think it’s coming tomorrow. Only when we recognise our pattern do we stand a chance of change.

And when we recognise our thought patterns, we owe it to ourselves to work on transforming them so that we can live the life we truly desire.

We can try to do this alone or we can find a great coach to help us through mindset coaching, to achieve the shifts we want.

Ask yourself: how many of the behaviours did you resonate with?

In case you’re wondering, of the 15 signs, I’ve actively practised 10 of them at some time in my life.

What I learned was that until I loved myself fully, I couldn’t put the other pegs into place. My life couldn’t roll.

I’m still active. I still work on myself every day.

I’m aware of the stories that run through my head. The difference is, I no longer subscribe to a particular story. Because I recognise the story as a story.

You might hear your inner voice demanding that you stop trying to do something – it’s for younger people. You’re stupid to try to do something which you’re too old for. (Sub young and old for whatever limiting beliefs you use in your stories.)

You can’t always stop the story, but you can choose not to pay it any attention.

So, once you’ve recognised the signs that you give up too easily, now you’ll want to scrutinise why you give up when you do.

And then go on to decipher how to stop being . . . well a quitter.

And then there’ll be no stopping you and it will be time to unlock your potential for success!

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Final Thoughts on Signs That You Give Up Too Easily

Prepare to let go of your old mindset. Challenge yourself to reprogram your mind. Use meditation, self-hypnosis and daily mindfulness among other things.

Meditate on the question of why you give up or leave it blank for insights to flow to you.

Quit waiting for the solution to appear or your dreams will die and your patterns will stay the same.

You can do it.

Never Give Up.

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