How To Get a Breakthrough in Any Area of Your Life!

If you’re looking for transformations and breakthroughs in your life, you’ve come to the right place because the techniques I’m going to share in this article will give you superpowers.

(Only if you apply them, that is!)

Whether it’s your love life, your weight loss journey, reclaiming your health with an anti-inflammatory diet as a vegan, finding your vocation or your purpose in life, breakthroughs are those essential, catalyst moments.

They stand as memorable milestones, carrying us from one phase of life to the next, marking a shift from one reality to another.

The techniques which I’m going to share with you are ones I’ve used to fuel my progress and transformation in both personal growth and business.

By applying these techniques, you’re guaranteed to create significant shifts.

So, how we can kickstart our transformation by having breakthrough after breakthrough?

As someone who has navigated these waters, I assure you these techniques work and in this post, I won’t just share insights but also actionable steps.

Ready to kickstart your journey of continuous breakthroughs?

Let’s explore these transformative techniques together.

What Does It Mean To Have A Breakthrough?

What is a breakthrough and how can these techniques apply to all types of breakthroughs?

Well to be clear, we’re talking about personal breakthroughs in any area of life.

What we mean by a personal breakthrough is a clear step where we overcome some kind of challenge and we step through it to find joy and fulfilment beyond, and that propels us more in the direction we want to go.

So some of these breakthroughs might be about getting away from something you’re not happy with, or maybe there’s something you want to achieve but haven’t been able to.

A breakthrough could also be related to more joy in life or discovering happiness in the face of physical problems like not having enough money, living with tinnitus, being in a difficult relationship or any other millions of examples.

Intentional thinking to shift our reality is another tool which creates great transformational progress.

But normally, when we experience major breakthroughs, we’ve already been through many smaller ones which help to create the larger one.

And it’s those small breakthroughs that make the real difference.

They are the gold dust.

Can You Have A Breakthrough Without Happiness?

Would you want a breakthrough if it didn’t result in greater happiness?

If somebody offered you an amazing salary but in exchange, you’d be miserable every day, would you take it?

For me, the answer would be no, and assuming you feel the same, that leads to the conclusion that a breakthrough without some form of positive emotion isn’t what we’re striving for.

So you could say that a breakthrough is a form of happiness while getting results.

It may be a relief, as in when I claimed back my joy with tinnitus, or it may be pure joy.

Either way, there needs to be some form of positive energy for us to feel as though we’ve had a breakthrough.

So Then What is happiness?

Well, happiness has so many gradients.

You might think, ‘Oh this feels a bit better’, or maybe it’s, ‘Wow I love this feeling’. Or perhaps the ecstasy is so off the scales you’re away with the fairies because you’re so happy.

But what does your happiness depend on?

Often it depends on us achieving something we want. But this kind of happiness isn’t sustainable and doesn’t create the deep inner joy which we all crave.

You get something you want, you feel happy.

But how often will that happiness carry through to the rest of your life?

It peaks and then subsides as you discover or create the next desire on your list.

This might be subconsciously or consciously. We aren’t all chasing a list of things we want, but we are all going for something that we think makes us happy.

The problem is, not just that these moments of happiness peak and wane but also that there’s this thing called the law of diminishing returns which describes the phenomenon that says the joy you receive from something will lesson with repetition.

So it will take more of something to get the same response from your emotional hardware.

Despite this, we believe that our happiness depends on this external thing.

Do you agree?

Is there something at this moment in time that you want and that you think will make you happy?

What Does Your Happiness Depend on?

Is it money?

Can you have loads of money and be miserable?

Yes evidently. There are lots of rich unhappy people in the world.

What about relationships? Can you be in a great relationship and still feel lost, struggling, insecure or abandoned?

Yes, right?

So what it comes down to, what truly makes us happy, is what we tell ourselves and what we listen to in our heads.

We live in a story.

And if that story is negative we feel negative. Our stories create our emotions.

And our emotions influence our actions.

When we’re feeling sad we’ll make different decisions to when we’re feeling excited, interested, or curious.

If we want to create a breakthrough in a particular area of our life, the most important thing we can do is to check what story we’re listening to.

Are we hearing how we’re not good enough?

Are we listening to all the ways we’ve failed until now?

Whatever the story is, that is what is driving your results.

And this is where so many people fail. They make a plan on paper but pay no attention to the programming in the brain.

We can’t succeed if we are in our story in our heads.

The same action, made with different energy, will have different results.

You may be familiar with the thoughts, ‘Oh dear, I haven’t done this very well,’ or, ‘I don’t have enough experience, people are going to laugh at me’.

Before you create a strategy or a plan, sit down and take the time to interrupt your thinking pattern.

Break the story.

Video of How to Guarantee a Breakthrough!

How to Interrupt Your Story

When we’re stuck in a story it can be difficult to recognise it, so if you’ve seen it, well done.

The first step is complete.

The second step is to ground yourself.

Bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing on your feet on the ground

Next, interrupt yourself.

You can do this by asking yourself lots of questions about your limiting beliefs.

What do I stand to gain if I listen to this story? What if it’s true that I’m going to fail, what then? Does it matter, really if this is true or not? and so on.

After working through the questions, take 10 deep slow breaths, breathing in through your nose, deep from your stomach and chest, and breathing out slowly through your mouth as though through a straw.

This will reset your nervous system and signal peace to the body. You can continue for as long as you need until you feel that peace.

So the power for getting a breakthrough is to make your decisions from a clean place, clean thinking.

If you doubt the power of being in a clean state of mind, think about this.

When you’re in a positive state, do you believe that you will succeed? What about when you’re in a negative state?

Likewise, your actions will change with your state of mind.

So if we can check our state and become more aware of what state we’re in, we can grow exponentially in terms of results.

Bringing this into your life can affect your work, your productivity, your relationships, your finances, everything.

Right here inside of you. You have the control panel.

So the next time somebody insults you and you feel irritated, ask yourself, do you want to give that person the power to dictate whether you experience happiness or not in that moment?

Is that person worthy of your donation?

No, right?

We want to be in charge of our own happiness, so if this happens, interrupt your thinking.

Bring yourself back to the present moment.

Go straight into the 10 deep breaths followed by grounding yourself in the moment and if necessary, asking yourself questions to clear the topic.

Tony Robbins has a 90-second rule where he can bring himself back to peace within 90 seconds of being disrupted.

He’s a superpower, so most of us will take way longer than 90 seconds, but it’s like a muscle and the more we practise the quicker and more efficient we will get at returning our chemistry back to one of peaceful productivity.

So How to Get A Breakthrough in Any Area of Your Life?

Here’s a recap of how to get a breakthrough in any area of your life. Use these techniques on a daily basis and see how much more progress you can make.

  1. Get fully present in the moment.
  2. Do breathing techniques to calm the nervous system.
  3. Interrupt any story that pops into your head.
  4. Do not make decisions while in a story state.
  5. Now return to your strategy plan and ask yourself if you’re happy with it. If so, go ahead and apply it, but remember to always check in on your state rather than depending on external factors.

When you start doing this and you begin to claim your independence from the stuff life throws at you, you will begin to have breakthroughs no matter what.

It’s inevitable. Because your energy has changed and you are not listening to automated stuff which can pull you down.

Instead, you’re listening to empowered thinking to accelerate your growth.

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